10th June 2012

Is it really Sunday night already? This half term has gone so quickly! Still, it's my birthday on Wednesday so that's getting me through the Sunday evening blues!

This is what I have spent the entirety of my Sunday doing:

Sitting in front of the computer in my fluffy Primark PJ bottoms and a Primark menswear sweatshirt, drinking Diet Pepsi.

Those cheeky little critters are the bottom are Fluffy and George. Aren't they cuties?


  1. Hey Becky! Thanks for visiting my blog today! Great blog, you can count me in as your newest follower. Keep in touch.


  2. haha lazy sunday for me as well!

    happy early bday!

  3. Ahh men's jumpers are soo awesome. They are big and really hug you and keep you warm!

  4. What are your birthday plans? :)

    Love your blog layout.

    I'm sitting in my pjs as I type this drinking diet coke. :)


  5. That's the way I like to chill too, in pj, xoxo. Now following you, maybe you can check my blog and follow back if you like it


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