A-Z of Becky: A

Devon Elizabeth posted a very sweet concept on her blog: An A-Z of herself. It's such a sweet idea, in fact, that I am adapting it to use on my own blog. Let's get to know me a little better!

A is for Alan Rickman

I love, love, love Alan Rickman. He is more or less my only celebrity crush. Is that wrong? He's a pensioner. He probably has a bus pass. Yet he is so incredibly sexy. How can anyone who qualifies for a winter fuel allowance be this hot?

Oh my, that voice...

In fact, such is the power of Alan Rickman that my (straight) brother also has a crush on him. We love nothing more than a good gossip about Alan. My brother is my main source of Rickman news.
I totally mean my 23-year old brother, not the 12 year old I always talk about!

My friends all think I am a total weirdo. Please tell me I'm not alone in this. I'm not, am I?


  1. You are not alone I love him too. I think its his voice. Oh Gosh I melt.

  2. Pahaha! Becky I love this! it defs is a good idea especially if you're someone who posts little posts but even if not, you could always cover a quarter of the alphabet at a time!

    aanyway. wow Alan. well at least that's a pic of him not looking like a gloomy wizard. that's totally fair though, he has got something going on. I personally lust after Robert Downey Jr ;) x

  3. You are most definitely not alone. My friends makes fun of me too for having a crush on him. It's all about that voice!

  4. OWWWW! I LOVE Alan Rickman! His voice is like smooth silky butter up and down my spine. MMmmmmMMMMmm! I don't know whose voice I like better, his or James Mason's! =D

  5. Um, it is SO not weird to love Alan Rickman! He rocks. Absolutely one of my very faves! And YOU rock for writing this post!

  6. I love his character in Harry Potter movie!!!!!


  7. He does have something about him...great idea (I may have to borrow it...) xxx

  8. its so not weird to love mr alan rickman, this is by far one of my favourite harry potter scenes of him! :) LOVE LOVE!! he is very fit! X


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