29th June 2012

Cardigan: Collectif
Vest: Peacocks
Skirt: Cath Kidston
Shoes: QS

Friday! Woohoo! I had a very nice start to my weekend as I waited at the train station on my way home. A man approached me, indicated to his wife and said "She has been admiring your cardigan for ages. Where did you get it from?" The poor woman was mortified that he had approached me but it certainly brightened up my evening!

There is nothing better than receiving a compliment from a stranger!


  1. It is a lovely cardi.
    I always get really embarrassed when people say things like that to me! x

  2. I love this outfit! Such a gorgeous skirt! It's always sweet when a randomer compliments your outfit haha xx


  3. I love how you really have your own style! It's instantly recognisable. Keep on blogging like you do, ├žause I like it!

    XOXO, Sam

  4. oh my what a lovely, lovely blog! so excited to follow you!

  5. oh my what a lovely, lovely blog! found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo

  6. This dress is super cute! And I love the shoes too. :)

  7. the outfit is so so cute! love it!!

    susan ( )


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