6th June 2012

Last week was my Grandma's birthday, and next week is mine, so this evening she took the family out for a joint birthday meal. It was the perfect opportunity to wear my new Cath Kidston skirt. Look at the little guards! Aren't they just adorable?

Clip on earrings: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage
T shirt: Peacocks
Skirt: Cath Kidston
Shoes: QS

It took me about 3 months to finally buy this skirt. It was always out of stock, then when I finally got hold of it, they cancelled my order for no reason and then, of course, it had sold out when I tried to repurchase it. Yet, finally, I got hold of it! I adore it!

On Lookbook, Tok suggested I wear more accessories so I took her advice on board and gave it a go. I'm not very good at accessorising but I think I did a pretty good job here. Maybe I'll try it out more often.


  1. aw i love your cute flats!

  2. Ahh! Way cute skirt! Similar to your other one but I think I like this one more :)

    Cup of Tea

  3. Adorable! LOVE that shade of blue with red. Yay for finally getting your hands on the skirt!

  4. Your skirt is so whimsical!!

  5. hello dear!!!
    i love each and every looks you post
    I feature blogs it would be great to feature you!!!
    iF you are interested send me through email 3 or 4 pics of your style and a kind of biography not too long and don't FORGET to post with it your URLS <----
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    let me know

  6. Soldiers ON a skirt rather than chasing after one? Got to have it. Thanks for the tip, and I'm now off to ebay!

    A Plus B in the Sea

  7. I spotted this while out shopping the other day, love it!

  8. You are gorgeous! I actually saw this skirt on another blogger just yesterday and my heart melted a little bit, such a cool print. Happy early birthday!
    xo Hannah

  9. love the necklace

  10. I love that skirt! And I love how you accented both the red and blue. Genius!
    Also I'm really excited to follow you. I actually found you via Chictopia and I really hope you return the favor! It would mean so much coming from such a style icon as yourself! (:

    xx Amber

  11. Oh my gosh. adore, adore, adore!


  12. I love kitschy prints! So cute ...

    and I love accessorizing- good luck and have fun!

    Xo- Janae

  13. Oh wow this outfit is so gorgeous you look absolutely lovely!


  14. Loving the prints of the skirt and the shoes! -Jessica



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