Diamond Jubilee Street Party

My second Jubilee-themed post of the day. Yeah, I really go the whole hog with things like this!

Here is a brief chronicle of my day. Don't worry, I've managed to cut my 300 photos down to just 10!

Umbrella: Boots
Cardigan: Primark
T shirt: Peacocks
Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses (they appear later): Vogue
Shoes: QS

Me and my little brother braving the Great British weather. That's my house- we got the flag from Primark and my mum bought the bunting when she saw me on Facebook expressing my disappointment at not being able to find any. Ok, it's England instead of UK but it's better than nothing.

My bro has the most amazing Jim Carrey-esque rubber face. He needs to go into acting or comedy or something. It would be a shame to waste this talent!

Yummy blue candyfloss!

That horrible bearded Wolverine (of Wolfadine, as my mum thought it was!) thing in the back is my other brother. The beard has popped up since we last saw him in December and we are now ashamed to be seen with him!

Then the sun came out and Jamie was complaining that he had no sunglasses. I soon fixed that for him! In fact, I think the beard almost works with the women's Primark sunglasses. Seriously, I do.

Me and my mummy!

Elvis/ Myles rocking the Primark sunnies.

Rocking the jumping photo!

Then this complete stranger walked past and wanted to join in. We were more than happy to include him in the fun and games! Judging by his expression, he certainly enjoyed himself!

Slush puppies!

Yep, it was an amazing day. So much fun and at points, we laughed until we were crying and we could barely breathe. It's always nice to have family all together like this.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! And I love your cardi :))


  2. Great pictures. So funny about that stranger getting into the action!


  3. Looks like you've had an amazing Jubilee celebration! Loving all these High School Musical jumps! And well done for being successful in your Jubliee wardrobe challenge...all your outfits look lovely and suffice to say I wouldn't have lasted two days myself!

    Gemma x


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