28th October 2012

Today I am a dalmatian. No reason whatsoever. It's nearly Halloween and I want to be a puppy for the day, OK? 
Topshop Dalmatian Coat
Black bodysuit
Coat: Topshop
Body: Primark 
Halloween dog make up
Woof woof! 
Topshop Dalmatian Print Coat


  1. You are so ridiculously cute! Love that close-up xo

  2. Oh my gawd you are too cute! Just stop it already!

  3. You are way too funny and made me laugh! Thanks! -And you look too cute!

  4. oh so cute! The hair! I love it. <333


  5. Oh my god! This is so adorable! I much prefer the black leotard, though, the coat evokes more Cruella DeVille (you're too human-shaped, I guess?), which is kind of the antithesis of dalmatian. I LOVE the buns though... everything! So adorable! You are literally a childhood classic come to life!


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