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N is for Needles

You may have noticed that I have a few piercings. In fact, I currently have 15- all ear and facial, believe it or not! I think that's the most I've ever had at one time, although I've had 24 in total across my lifetime. I thought this week it might be fun to go through a little autobiography of my piercings.


Yes, this is me at 10 years old. I was a looker!

I was 10 years old and shopping with my grandmother when I saw a pair of handcrafted wooden elephant earrings. They were pretty awful, looking back, but I loved them and I was desperate for them. Slight snag- I didn't have my ears pierced. My grandma whisked me off to the hairdresser that afternoon. I was so terrified. Then the needle went in and... I laughed! "It tickles!", I chuckled. The girl who did it had three ear piercings and I remember thinking "I can't wait to get another one!".


Only a couple of months after getting my ears pierced, my earring fell out on holiday and healed up. I was gutted but, for my 13th birthday, my mum took me to H Samuel's to get it redone.


Aged 15, a whole array of us went to the local hairdresser to get our second holes done. Mine were done slightly wonky but I grew to like that.


I was 16 now and had fallen into the emo scene. Hard. I got my third holes done at a local tattoo studio and then, a few months later, my fourth holes.


The year I went crazy. A goth shop opened up in my home town and the most beautiful (albeit gay) man worked there. He was also a body piercer and he had an incredible piercing studio above the shop. I was totally in love with him and his 30-odd piercings. My first piercing was a standard nose piercing. A month later, I had my scaffold pierced. 4 months later, I got my nose done a second time.


This year opened with the devastating news that the shop was closing down. I was heartbroken but took full advantage of the half price piercing offer with two surface piercings on my stomach, one above and one below my belly button. They lasted about 8 weeks before they grew out, leaving permanent (but lovely) scars. Later in the year, I got my lip pierced at Blue Banana in Cardiff, followed by a surface piercing on my nape. Unfortunately, I never got any photos of these.


Then I left uni and had to get A Real Job. I chose to work in a nursery and that meant bye bye piercings. Unfortunately my nape, second nose piercing and lip piercing all healed. However, when I returned to uni in September, I replaced the nose and lip sharpish! It was this year that I started to stretch my left ear. 


I had always, always wanted spider bites. It took me over 4 years to do it but, finally, I got round to the second lip piercing. My ear was up to 6mm by now.


I hadn't had a piercing in 6 months and I was starting to get the itch. I wanted my nape done again but, as I was working part time in a nursery, it needed to be something that wasn't clearly visible. I settled for my collarbones. These beauties lasted a good couple of months. 


It had been a very long time without a piercing before I decided to get my conch pierced. By now, I was working as a teacher so I had to be very considerate about the piercings. Unfortunately, the cheek piercings I had always lusted over would never be a reality. My ear is now at 8mm.

I have plans already for my next piercings. First up: Anti-helix and rook. Bring on the needles!


  1. I love seeing other bloggers with piercings! I currently have 6 lobes, 1 rook, 1 forward helix, and 1 nose. I really want to get a second rook right next to my current one as well as get two more f.helixs and have them all be baby diamonds. I am also really falling in love with the idea of an orbital conch piercing (like the hoop here :

  2. I'm always fascinated by people's piercing stories. Possible because I don't have any myself. I love the collar bone ones, I've never seen them before and they are absolutely beautiful! xo

  3. I love your piercings! I have recently had to take my lip piercing out for work placement in a nursery. Ho hum ;( xx

  4. Piercing love! I've had a silly amount done over the years myself, well into the 30's! I love what you've chosen to keep :)

    Alli xx

  5. Piercings are fun, aren't they? I recently took out my lip ring and I'm thinking that I want to get a medusa. I also had a couple of dermals in the same place where you have your serface piercings. I loved those, but they kept getting snagged on things so I had to remove them. Your piercings are lovely! :)

  6. I do like piercings! I've had a few myself! I used to long for surface piercings, then I heard they grow out (as you've kind of said!) so I was a bit gutted. I just think they're nice things to have, as so many people get tattoos as if they're like piecings these days, but you can actually remove a piercing... the tattoo is there forever (unless you're brave enough for lazer treatment!!!)

    Robyn Mayday

  7. Nice :) Why do some of your piercings only last a few months? Is it like that for everybody and did you know beforehand that it would come out? I'm 17 and currently have 11 piercings :) I have both my ears triple pierced, four helix piercings on my left ear, and my belly button :) I can't wait until I turn 18 and don't have to beg my mom to take me to the tattoo parlor for legal matters! One more month! I really like your front helix piercing! I want to get three on my right ear.

    1. Because the skin constantly sheds and renews itself, over time surface piercings get pushed out. Piercings that go right through a piece of skin, like lips or ears, are not likely to grow out but those that go in and out the same piece of skin, like belly buttons, can grow out.

      I knew that my piercings would grow out before I get them done. It's something you need to think about because they leave scars behind but I was fine with that.

      Have fun getting all your piercings! I need to get a new one soon too!


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