Panache Bra Fit Challenge

I only wear Panache Andorra bras. Seriously. I know that sounds like major product placement, but it's true. They're pretty, they come in loads of different colours (including the staple black, white and nude) and I know that they fit me.

As I'm sure all you ladies know, getting the bra that fits you just right is a mega challenge. Until I got fitted professionally, I had no idea that I was wearing completely the wrong size. 

So, when I was contacted to review the Panache Bra Fit Challenge, I was pretty intrigued. An online tool to help you check your bra size yourself, without having to trek into the town centre? Sounds good to me! 

You can try out the challenge for yourself here. You could also win a lingerie set for yourself, which is pretty nifty. Oh, and if you want to try those Andorra bras that I keep harping on about, you can buy them at Bravissimo. They come Becky-recommended! 

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  1. I've got to check these out!! Thanks, new follower over hereeeee


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