I love these Victorian photos of London streets. This is my favourite one: The ghostly man peering out of the window is haunting.

This Anthropologie woodpecker door knocker is pretty much the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I wonder if the landlord would let us replace the boring standard one we currently have?

If you've been reading my blog for, well, all of two seconds, you will know that I love knitwear. I wear a cardigan every single day. So the Campaign for Wool is right up my street! As part of Wool Week, starting on Monday, a series of students have designed knitwear for the top British high street shops. The Topshop one is, unsurprisingly, my favourite! The best bit isn't visible in this photo- The elbows have little sheep elbow pads! 

I'm super excited about my Halloween party at the end of the month! I'm on the lookout for easy, affordable decorations. These hanging ghosts from A Beautiful Mess are the cutest! 


  1. I love the hanging ghosts!
    That Victorian picture is stunning. I didn't even notice the man until you pointed him out.
    I can't wait to view the others!

  2. Hold up. Sheep shaped elbow patches?! Please tell me these are available at topshops worldwide. I need to get in on this. That's just way too cute to pass up!
    I wish I could host a Halloween party, living 2 hours away from all my friends is a major downer as far as that's concerned. Some day, I will have the most haunted of houses!


  3. That is such a cool jumper!!! I love it haha :) I really love old photographs - they are worth so much more than what we can produce on mass today with our bloody digital things that do it all for us!

    Robyn Mayday

  4. what a lovely photos ! x

  5. I think I have contacted your love for knitwear. :D. I just wish our weather here gets cooler so I can really go out wearing comfy knitted jumper. The first photo is really haunting. The last one looks like those teru teru bozus the Japanese people hang outside their windows to fend off the rain. So cute!


  6. I really like that sweater, cute.

  7. That t-shirt needs to be all over me. I wear tees all the time, so jeez, thanks for totally ruining my efforts at saving ;D

    Alli xx

  8. I going looking for that tee tomorrow! girl on a mission here!



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