25 things fat people shouldn't do #6

"25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do is an unabashed middle finger to the preposterous idea that any human who weighs more than the status quo does not deserve to live a full and well rounded (ahem) life. The list of 25 is composed word for word from direct lists of sheer assholery found on the internet. These range from the absurd to the profoundly shameful, and I will be disproving this offensive notion with style. May the Chub Club live long and prosper!"-The Militant Baker
I've mentioned before how much I hate flying. One of the things I hate- besides, you know, the risk of falling out of the freaking sky- is how claustrophobic it is. As soon as I walk into a plane, I think "This is the little tin can where  I will die". Then you sit down in those teeny little aluminium seats, with a seatbelt that always- always- seems to be adapted to fit a 3 year old on the preceding flight, and get your feet sandwiched between two slices of metal. Then, of course, the person in front of you decides to tip their seat right back, 5 minutes into an 8 hour flight, so you basically end up as their big, squishy plane-pillow.

At least you get to snuggle up with a blanket and paper pillow and, sometimes, free Coke and chicken! 


  1. Haha adorable!
    I've flown a lot on my wee vacation, in fact I have my return flight home tonight! Turns out this airline im flying has way cute boxes for inflight meals. I will be documenting it all! I've never taken a very long flight so the claustrophobia hasn't been too bad, but it sure would be a lot more comfortable if I were a few inches shorter!! Leg room?? Wussat??

  2. I've never flown and I'd never considered how my fatness would factor... It sounds very uncomfortable. *sigh* One day it'll have to be done. Whatever that red thing is, it looks like an awesome cape.

  3. We love this! So freaking cute<3

    ox from NYC


  4. Yr adawbs! I try to think I'm on a rollercoaster ride, which actually kinda helps when I fly!

  5. I don't like flying either. Cramped quarters with lots of other people = major panic attacks!

    Alli xx

  6. I've never had a problem with my size with flying, but my Sister who is a few sizes larger than I am always books an ailse seat so not cause discomfort to a stranger. Whoever says fat people shouldn't fly is an arse hole; why don't people stop to think how frustrating and embarrased someone must feel if they have to squeeze in to a seat or ask for a belt extender?

    As for claustrophia, I totally get that. I actually freaked out (quietly) the last time I flew as I was in a middle seat with the chair in front of me inches from my face. An air stewardess t took pity on me and my terrified-of-flying sister and moved us in to business economy which was practically empty. I'd recommend paying that little bit more for that section- it has so much more leg/head room, and the seats are also larger!


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