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M is for Music

Ok, so everyone loves music. It's hardly a shock, especially as I've already told you how much I love going to gigs and festivals. Though I think you can tell a lot about someone from the music they listen to. As an angsty 17 year old, I was obsessed with emo (and I was one of those rare breeds of emo kid who would admit that they were emo!) and I'm not ashamed to say that my ipod hasn't really changed since 2006.

I've got quite an eclectic taste in music really. Before turning all depressive and angsty, I was a total 60s freak, then I got really into 1950s pop when I left my teens. Now my taste is a weird mesh of the three, with a little shockers thrown in.

As a little demonstration, here's the first 15 songs that pop up on iTunes when I shuffle it up (Sorry for the dodgy formatting. It's fine when I edit it!):

Roses are Red (My Love)                                Bobby Vinton
One Step Beyond                                              Madness
Are you Lonesome Tonight?                           Elvis Presley
10 Years Today                                                 Bullet for my Valentine
Bleed Black                                                        AFI
Skylines and Turnstiles                                    My Chemical Romance
Spit It Out                                                            Slipknot
Bulimic                                                                The Used
Oh! Darling                                                         The Beatles
Moment                                                               Aiden
Swing                                                                  Taking Back Sunday
In These Shoes?                                               Kirsty MacColl
Homecoming                                                     Green Day
Shimmy                                                              System of a Down
Magazines                                                          Brand New


  1. Liking your music taste - it seems similar to mine! I also listen to the same stuff I did when I was a teenager (with lots of new discoveries - but mainly the same kind of style!) x

  2. Haha, I've loved AFI since I was 16 and I continue to love AFI! ;)

    1. You are clearly a person of impeccible taste! I also discovered AFI at 16!

  3. Some of those bands remind me of when I was an angsty teen (I think I still am even though I'm 20 years old). Especially AFI. I still listen to them but my music taste contantly evolves, one day I want to listen to 80's, the next 60's etc.

  4. So many lovely songs <3

  5. Oh my goodness I was a 2006 circa Emo too!! Who'd have thought the self-proclaimed emo's would ever become fashion bloggers eh...AFI, MCR, Lostprophets,P!ATD,Fall out Boy. Brings back memories of living in band tees, skinnies and converse. I guess your music taste and fashion is definitely connected :)
    Daisy xx

  6. I love 1950s music - I'm currently trying to organise my own 1950s wedding for September 2015 and we're hiring a 50's tribute band!

    Beautiful blog! Following.


  7. oh my gosh - i was SO into emo in high school too! AFI & MCR was where it was at :)

  8. I love Avenged Sevenfold!!! Great music list!


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