A day in the life of Becky: February

Being half term, I went to visit my BFF in West Sussex. She's just moved into an adorable little flat, and I haven't seen her since October, so it was the perfect time to go and spend some long overdue time with her.

This is what I wore... sans the blanket, of course. Though I have to admit that if I could have, I would have worn that blanket home! 
Jumper: Emma Cook for Topshop
Dress: River Island
Blanket: Knitted by Laura and her grandmother 14 years ago

10am Some mandatory school holiday viewing!

11am Packing my bag. This is a new purchase: A 1960s Samsonite bag that, as far as I can see, is unused. 

12pm Waiting for my train on a gloriously sunny day. True sunglasses weather!

1pm Changing at Clapham Junction. 13 is my lucky number!

2pm Finally at my destination and time for some chickeny lunch! 

3pm One of the many cute accessories at Laura's new home. It's amazing that she'd only moved in 24 hours previously. The place is stunningly accessorised, as if she's been there for years curating the perfect home!

4pm The one downside is that, since it's got huge bay windows and high ceilings, it gets very cold. On the plus side, we get to snuggle up under cute blankets! 

5pm Some celebratory drinks to toast the new home.

6pm ...and a celebratory cocktail down the local.

7pm I got a hankering for cheesecake so we popped into Tesco and picked up some yummy bits. Then I forgot to eat the cheesecake. Oh well, free cake for Laura!

8pm Time to switch on the fairy lights and get some ambience going.

9pm More blanket time. She has the cutest selection of blankets. I'm very jealous!

10pm Into one of my (many) onesies and ready for an early bed.

I had a great time. It was great to see Laura again and, as she will be the minister at my wedding, we bounced some fantastic ideas off each other. Let's just say the wedding will be the thing of wonders! 


  1. KFC, Jeremy Kyle and cocktails? I think you may be my sort of girl!

    Just found and followed you on twitter!

  2. much love for your panda jumper <3

    1. Thank you! It's a raccoon but I guess it does look like a panda :)

  3. Sounds like a fab day! KFC and blankets? The best ever :)
    Elle xxx

  4. I have just discovered your blog through someone else's 'blogger love' tag, and I have spent about half an hour going through your old posts. I work as a School Nurse and in dipping in and out of schools I have a continual urge to go back to train as a teacher, so found it really interesting to read your day in the life of a teacher post :)


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