A-Z of Becky: V

V is for Vintage
I have no idea when my love for vintage started. As far as I'm aware, it's been ingrained in me since I was a baby. Growing up, I loved listening to the Mamas and the Papas, Elvis and the Monkees with my dad which fostered a love for the 60s. My favourite film was (and still is) Oliver. I spent my early childhood dressing up in my grandma's 70s cast-offs. My favourite book as a 7 year old was a Dorling Kindersley book about costume throughout the ages. I desperately wanted the 1960s plastic dresses!

I got my first taste of vintage clothing when I was 16 and my grandma gave me one of her 1960s Laura Ashley blouses. A couple of years later, I bought a 1980s skirt from a vintage shop and my obsession developed from there.

I couldn't even begin to count how many vintage items I have. Clothes, sewing patterns, fabric, clocks, books... It's all under my roof. My glasses are vintage. My engagement ring is Edwardian. If I could live an authentic vintage existence, I would. 1960s please, genie!


  1. I definitely want to buy more vintage stuff! I love that your engagement ring is Edwardian! That's amazing and sweet :)

    Robyn Mayday

  2. I've always loved vintage too, probably why I ended up studying the history of costume, it's so fascinating!

  3. Wow, I used to borrow that book from the school library all the time! I think that was responsible for my love of corsets and powdered wigs.

    1. Haha that's what I blame too! It was a great book!

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  6. Vintage is awesome. I love that it started with music and things for you.


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