A rainy day in London

Yesterday, I headed over to London again. This week I was around the St Paul's area. I've been to the cathedral itself before, but I've never explored the vicinity. It's a beautiful part of London. There are so many stunning little streets and truly love architecture. 

I have a thing about historic architecture. For some inexplicable reason, I have a pretty good knowledge of it and find dating buildings really easy. Obviously I'm no expert but, as somebody who has no history of architectural training, it's quite a strange talent. Having said that, my history A-level (that I ultimately passed with an E, after achieving U on my final exam!) did have a Tudor architecture module, which I inevitably sailed through with a B. 

This is part of Christ Church Greyfriars, a church that was partially destroyed in a 1940 air raid. It's so beautiful to see this serene memorial in the middle of such a bustling part of the city. 

There is a memorial garden in the grounds of the church. The stone entrance marks the original entrance to the church, with a window above. You can see an illustration of how it used to look right here.

This is the tower of the church, the only part that remains intact. 

An example of the stunning Palladian architecture that surrounds these streets. 

The buildings around St Bartholomew's hospital are peppered with these glistening blue signs, indicating what was on the site in centuries past and what their ultimate fate was. I love finding out about the history of locations so these fascinated me. 

I reckon all hospital signs should look like this. Much prettier than the standard blue and white plastic NHS signs! 

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit this church but it was accessible to the public. From what I could see through the doors, it had an absolutely beautiful church yard, almost like a courtyard.  

After my discoveries yesterday, I'm vowing to experience the hidden gems of London more often. I plan to wander around the streets of the city, with no aim and no idea where I am (besides somewhere in London, of course!), just to see what I discover. 


  1. haha that's a brilliant talent, so interested in these things but wouldn't know where to start! X

    1. I don't even know where it started haha!

  2. These photos are beautiful. I absolutely love wandering around London. If you want historic buildings have you visited Oxford? It's the most beautiful old city, and I am so lucky to live there! I would definitely visit

    1. I've never been to Oxford. Definitely adding it to my list of cities to visit though!

  3. Beautiful photos!!!! I love wandering around historic buildings

  4. The entrance to the memorial garden is beautiful! Great pictures :)

  5. I kind of miss the rain. It has just been cold here.


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