Friday Favourites XXVI

How cute are these pillow cases? Perfect for me, right? 

Nice photo of Mother Teresa. Except it's a drawing. A drawing. Drawn with pencil. If Kelvin Okafor's art doesn't blow your mind, there's something wrong with you! 

I can not get over how cute Kate Gabrielle looks in this blog post. Can I be this adorable, please?
You know how I love chicken and Pepsi? Of course you do, it's written right up there under my blog header. Lay's (the Chinese equivalent of Walker's) have recently released Pepsi-and-chicken flavoured crisps. Not chicken flavoured crisps and Pepsi flavoured crisps. Crisps that are actually flavoured like Pepsi and chicken combined. Can I please move to China?

Over at Miss Indie, Mandy has devised a cute little Valentine's-themed photo a day challenge. I'll be starting today, so I hope you'll be joining in with me. 


  1. Those pillow cases are TOO adorable :)
    Kerry x
    from Kerralina

  2. Wow that pencil drawing is amazing! I wish they made Pepsi crisps on their own :( I love Pepsi but I'm vegetarian and can't stomach anything chicken flavoured

  3. PEPSI AND CHICKEN FLAVOURED CRISPS?! This might be the best thing ever, or the worst, I can't decide...
    Grace xoxo

  4. This is why I love you, I swear we could be the best of friends. Everything in this post I LOVE. Those pillow cases are definitely going on my birthday wish list, definitely.
    I also think that it's just us English (maybe European?) guys who call them "walkers" because they're called lays in America too! It confused the hell out of me when we went.
    And, PEPSI AND CHICKEN FLAVOUR? what? I can't even...

    1. Haha this is my favourite comment ever. BFFS 4 LYFE!

      Yeah, when I went to Madrid, they were called Lay's. What's that all about?

  5. WOW that's seriously a drawing? That is insane. (Just found and followed you^-^)


    1. I know! I wish I had talent like that! Thank you, by the way :)

  6. Those crisps are insane! I bet they probably taste nice! See if you can import some over and write about them!

  7. love this post :)

    the drawing reminds me of something i saw in the summer at the korean eye gallery at the saatchi, can't remember their name but its so similar!!

    jessica x


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