101 in 1001 III

Ok, so I haven't done a 101 in 1001 update in forever. That means that this will be a super long post filled with all the things I've achieved in the past 6 months or so. From now on, though, I'll be posting a monthly update to stop things piling up. 

#2 Pass induction
Induction is the first year of teaching. You need to pass this in order to teach in state schools. At the end of December, I passed and with flying colours too. I'm very, very proud of myself and I can't wait to continue developing my career. 

#4 Start an after school club
Once upon a time, I mentioned my love of the English language. I'm passionate about it and, when presented with the opportunity to start an after school grammar club, I pounced on it. It's been a great amount of fun!

#10 Get business cards printed
In September, I finally designed and printed my business cards in time for London Fashion Week. I've taken great delight in handing them out to anyone and everyone. Yes, my family members have cards too!

#11 Post a vlog
After getting a few requests to explain how I created my beehive, I recorded the process and posted up my tutorial on Youtube. It was certainly a different experience and I'm sure I'll be posting some more in the future.

#16 Visit Warner Bros Studio Tour
As a huge Harry Potter fan, this was at the top of my to-do list. I was certainly not disappointed. It was incredible and I already have plans to go back again soon. If you are a Harry Potter fan, make sure you visit!

#19 Attend London Fashion Week
I achieved this goal a lot sooner than I suspected. It was terrifying. In fact, that's an understatement. It was such a fantastic experience though and I feel so much more prepared for February's LFW!

#24 Visit platform 9 3/4 on September 1st
After years of planning this, we did it at long last! It was a lot more fun than we expected. There were hordes of Harry Potter fans all dressed up in costume. Of course, some "cool" people were giving us dirty looks but, if anything, that just made it even funnier. Muggles! 

#25 Buy a collection of art books
This is one of my ongoing goals that will never be fully achieved. However, I've bought three exhibition books since my last update- Damien Hirst, Ballgowns and Hollywood Costume. My collection is growing nicely.

#29 Learn to play the ukulele
Ok, I'm cheating a little here. I'm nowhere near where I want to be with it. I can play a couple of songs relatively well though. That counts, right?

#30 Learn to use my DSLR properly
I suppose you never really finish learning with something like this. Nevertheless, I feel like I have mastered the basics and I'm able to get my images somewhat towards how I intend them to look. Of course, I'll keep improving with practise, but this is a good start. 

#35 See all the exhibitions on my list
Another ongoing one. I've seen a whole load of exhibitions since my last update- Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst, Ballgowns, Hollywood Costume, Tim Walker, Valentino... The list goes on!  

#44 Collect my perfume wishlist
My wishlist keeps developing. I can't even remember what the remaining two perfumes were! However, I have got a whole load more and there's only a couple more I want at the moment, so I'll assume I got the two I originally intended.

#52 Buy a chair for the dressing room
I didn't actually need to do this in the end- My grandma moved house and gave me her dressing table stool. It's the perfect fit!

#62 Perfect the beehive
Well, I'd certainly say I've achieved that, seeing as I wear my beehive all the time. 

My goodness, that was a looong post! It's so encouraging to see everything that I have achieved. 


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS that you went to Platform 9 3/4!! That is insanely cool. And I really love your business cards! So pretty :)


  2. Well done!! It's so good ticking things off of a list. I'm attempting one myself, I haven't checked on it in a while so I should probably see whether i've achieved some of them!! xx

  3. Love all your plans, especially wanting to learn the Ukulele!


  4. WOW! You've done so much! Congratulations.

  5. Hiiii,

    Just found you thru #Bbloggers, love this blog so I will be hanging around =)(Jessica Knox / OhSoGawjess)

    Want to follow me too?


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