Visiting Grandma

As I mentioned the other day, my brother Jamie is down from Liverpool for the week. On Wednesday, we took the opportunity to visit our grandma. She loved seeing both of us together and we went out for a lovely cake-tea at a local coffee shop. 

My grandma is a very stylish lady. She's perfect fashion inspiration (Rich is convinced that I inherited my love of clothes from her!) so I gave her a copy of Advanced Style for Christmas. She absolutely adored it! 

Just look at her scarf. Perfect winter brights! 
Jamie decided to have a go with my camera. After announcing himself as "a bit of a photography expert", he didn't even know how to hold the camera, turn it on or zoom! Eventually, he managed to snap this photo of me.  

Afterwards, we caught the bus over to Nando's. Yummy yummy chicken! 

I really love those Nando's chickens!


  1. Your grandma looks lovely! :) xoxo

  2. LOVE your glasses here becky!
    dropping by after blog brunch :)


  3. Your grandma looks so wonderful. Shes giving that model look, too!
    Grandmas are the best, much more fearless and much more wise!

  4. Love all the piercings, I want my nose done so bad
    Abi x

  5. Aw your grandma looks lovely! I'm also in love with your glasses :D They're funky!



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