A-Z of Becky: R

R is for Rich 
Well, it would have to be, wouldn't it? Almost 5 years ago, I got to the local rock club to meet my friend. He never turned up and I was left hanging around the bar like a lemon. Luckily, some strange dude took pity on me and introduced me to the group he was with, including this slightly socially awkward guy who pretty much said one sentence to me all night. 

However, the next weekend, this socially awkward man was there again. We started having a conversation about literature, he showed me the sneezing panda video on his iPhone (back when they were exciting) and then he insulted me. 

He stalked found me on Facebook and, after spending hours and hours chatting on MSN, I invited him to visit me at my uni halls. After that, we were inseperable.

It turns out, in a weird twist, he was working as an IT technician at my sixth form college when I was a student. I'd actually spoken to him 2 years earlier, as a disturbed 17 year old emo kid, and remembered him as "the horrible one with glasses". He'd since grown facial hair, long hair and ditched the glasses, so I didn't realise it was him until he recognised himself in the background of this photo of my best friend. Bizarre or what?

Awesome vintage photo, right? I mean, a disposable camera from January 2006 is totally vintage! 

4 years and 9 months on, we're engaged and will be getting married in Florida in August. He is the geekiest geek I know. He is a total loser, he loves computers more than any man should and he can't pronounce the letter H correctly. Despite these, rather major, shortcomings, I still love him more than he probably deserves! 

I'm only kidding. I love him more than I ever thought possible. I'm not sure what I did to deserve somebody as patient, caring and devoted as Rich, but I'm eternally thankful for him. I love you, Bear. 


  1. Super cute post and awesome loving pictures to boot! <3

  2. the photos are really lovely :)

  3. Awwww this is so adorable :') x

  4. This is so sweet, the sparkler photo is awesome!
    Erica xo

  5. I love this post, Becky! So cute :) Can't wait to hear all about your wedding x

  6. Oh I love a bit of sop and romance. Love rocks!

    I hope you have a wonderful wedding :) xx

  7. my tummy feels really weird after reading this post- like an "oh my God this is so incredibly mushy and sweet and The amount if love in show makes me feel so happy I want to be sick" feeling

  8. Absolutely adorable. I love this post! I can't wait to hear about your wedding :)


  9. Meant to be, so weird that you had met (ish) before. But how sweet! And the cutest couple :D

  10. aww very cute! best wishes for the two of you! :)

  11. aww very cute! best wishes for the two of you :)

  12. This made me well up with the cute! What a lovely story of how you met! <3 xoxo

  13. This is so sweet, I wish you both all the happiness in the world :)
    I hope one day I find a love like this. xxx


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