26th January 2013

Jumper: Sainsbury's
Skirt: New Look

Since yesterday was Australia Day, I thought it would be fun to wear yellow and green. (As an aside, does anybody know why those are the Australian colours although the flag is red, white and blue?)

I don't wear yellow- ever- so I struggled to dig something out. Eventually I found this skirt which I bought years ago in New Look, massively discounted due to a missing zip. I always planned to sew a zip in but never quite got round to it.

The jumper is a new purchase from Sainsbury's, of all places. It was in the sale and I just couldn't resist it. I love stripes. I love knitwear. It was made for me. They had red and blue versions too but, since I don't own a lot of green (and because my wardrobe is 75% red and blue), I plumped for this one. It has the most gorgeous subtle puffed sleeves. 


  1. I love that hem! It would be so lovely for summer field frolicking (or I guess being about the town like normal folk!!)


  2. Very cheery outfit:) Thanks for the response on IFB re Fashion Week. Fingers crossed now! Ann x

  3. I think green and gold are the colours of the national flower- the golden wattle?

  4. Amazing jumper- that skirt is beautiful. :)


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