FF XXV: Australia Special

For those who don't know, tomorrow is Australia Day. I mostly know this because Rich's birthday is the same day but I thought it would be cool to give this week's Friday Favourites an Australian theme for the occasion. 
I love this vintage 1935 map of Australia. In fact, I'd like a UK one of these for myself. I'm going to see if I can find one. 
These camera earrings, from Australian jewellery brand Rare Indeed, are super cute. I love the hand drawn quality to them. 
Annika at The Pineneedle Collective is one of my favourite bloggers and definitely my favourite Aussie blogger! This Alice-inspired outfit is so cute: The tights are covered in Wonderland-themed illustrations. Adorable!

I hope all my Aussie readers have a lovely Australia Day. Eat a Cherry Ripe for me! 


  1. So many lovely stuff and even Annika is here <3

  2. :O I didn't realise all of these people/ companies where Australian! I think with the internet I get a bit confused that people really can be the other side of the world and I can be talking to them.

  3. Oh, I'm feeling so nostalgic! Last year, I was introduced to this day by some new Aussie friends that I made and we drank and celebrated the Australia day! I'm planning on going to visit them next year and I can't wait to celebrate it with them in Australia.

    Lovely post, I loved the vintage map as well!!

  4. Thanks for the mention Annika! Please note that today I dressed up as famous cricketer and drinker David Boon to celebrate Australia day!

  5. Thanks for the mention Annika! To celebrate Australia Day I've dressed up as famous cricketer and drinker David Boon:

  6. Happy Australia Day! I wish I was there to celebrate it with my friends! I get to go back and visit in June & July! :)

    1. Aaw, it must be difficult being away from your friends at this time. I bet you'll have a great time in June though!

  7. First of all, I'm obsessed with that swimsuit! Perfect for the nerd in me.

    Love your blog :)

    <3 Sandy Warhol

  8. Great pics and very cool. Something I did not know as I sit here in the States, wearing my Melbourne Aces (Aussie Baseball) Pullover and my 2013 Team Australia Would Baseball Classic hat. LOL

  9. Oh Annika! I love her. And a theme every day seems like a really hard thing to pull off!!!


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