House Tour: Living Room

I've been meaning to do a house tour for the longest time. Unfortunately, my house is often messy and, as it's rented, it doesn't have a whole lot of character decor-wise. However, I do try and fill it with as many lovely accessories as possible to make up for the standard Magnolia walls. 

So instead of a standard house tour, I've decided I'll do a little highlights post of each room. We'll just pretend that my whole house is super amazing!
Adorable vintage London themed salt and pepper shakers that I picked up from a vintage market. 
My mum bought me this card for my birthday a few years back. Pretty awesome, right? 
This cute little piggy bank is sitting on vintage alphabet blocks that spell out "I love you".  
A Paralympics poster designed by Tracey Emin, framed above my TV. I couldn't resist it. What gorgeous words!  
I scored an amazing sofa and armchair set on Gumtree a few years ago. They're original 1960s, with reversible red and black cushions. They need a little bit of restoring but, for now, they're perfect.

I'm hoping to do the living room up again soon. At the moment, it has a red, black and white colour palette but I want something prettier. I'm thinking eau de nil and duck egg blue. 


  1. Your living room is so British and cute! I love Tracey Emin's work she is so unique and different.
    xo Natasha

    1. Haha thank you! I'm not exactly sure how a room can be British haha!

  2. These are such lovely touches to your home! It's nice that you've been able to inject your personality even though you don't have a ton of design freedom!


  3. I love that car your mum bought you, hilarious! Also, your sofa and armchair set sound amazing.


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