Becky Reads Company: September 2014

Yes, Company may be no more but, since I never got around to writing my September edition before jetting off, I have one more Becky Reads Company to publish. Hooray!

The Good

Grandad style? Yes! I love it!
I want all of these coats. 

The Bad

Don't buy a selfie pole because you'll look like an idiot and everyone will laugh at you. 

Apparently Barcelona has east-London cool bars. Or, you know, Barcelona cool bars because the world doesn't revolve around east London. 

Is it possible to get dumped, lose your job and get pregnant all at once? 

Jameela believes comfort signals the beginning of the end for relationships. I could not disagree more. If you can see your partner lounging around in dirty PJs for 3 days in a row, and still love them, you have something strong going on. (Obviously that's not from personal experience...)

I really hope this girl didn't actually say that about her own blog. How embarrassing! Especially as I've never heard of it. Has anyone else? 

No, not Daniel Radcliffe! I can't stand him!

The Ugly

What on earth is a "fash edge"? 

"Totally emosh". I'll just leave this here.

"Imagine watching Back to the Future in Hill Valley, where teen Marty McFly lives" is not a question. 

What is this apostrophe doing here? 

Aaw, that's it. All over. There will be no more Becky Reads Company posts but I may well consider reviewing other magazines, so keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. Ah, you should review Glamour magazine; barely any spelling mistakes or hideous grammatical errors and, 90% of the time, very good content. Also, they give awesome free things.

    1. A few people have suggested this. I love Glamour so I might well do it, but it won't be as fun without all the sarcastic comments haha!

  2. 'Totally Emosh' - oh my gosh, made me vomit it a little bit. I also HATE HATE HATE 'Cray Cray'. WHO SAYS THAT!? It has the same amount of syllables as 'Crazy', so what is the point!!??
    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I agree with reading Glamour ^^

    1. How did cray cray even come about? I don't understand!


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