Waterstones Murder Mystery: Day Four

Halloween is fast approaching and I am super excited! Just to make the following fortnight even more thrilling, Waterstones are hosting an online blogger murder mystery, which I've been selected to get involved in. On five occasions over the next two weeks, myself and the other four bloggers will be posting diary entries from our terrifying, and murderous, "experience"  (Don't worry- it's totally fictional!) and tweeting hints, allowing everyone to get involved and try to work out the killer! If you're correct, you could win a £50 voucher. My fellow bloggers are: DaisyGeorginaSian and Beth, who will be posting their own diary entries based on their experience. Check out their posts for more clues! Find out more here and don't forget to read my first, second and third diary entries. 

Day Four

Dear Diary,

Will life ever return to normal? We're still being held hostage in this god forsaken place with The Librarian refusing to let us leave. More and more, I'm starting to believe that he is the culprit behind these strange events. Although he seems like a pleasant man, could there be darkness lurking in his depths?

This morning I awoke to an eerily nectrotic silence. Even the very air in my room seemed to hang dead and stagnant. Immediately, I was hit with the sense that something awful had happened in the night. I would soon discover what it is.

Cautiously, I treaded down the threadbare stairs and into the dining room where The Librarian and Daisy were awkwardly tackling their breakfasts. Several minutes passed without the arrival of Beth, so The Librarian took it upon himself to check on her. Need I even explain that she had gone missing?

This new breakthrough seemed to shake up The Librarian even more than the others. He frantically threw himself into further study and insisted that Daisy and I should help him. I have to admit that I do not believe any length of time spent reading his macabre novels will help solve these mysteries, but he was frighteningly forceful and I felt unable to decline. 

While he locked himself away in the library, we were instructed to venture into the dank darkness of the basement and gather further books from the archives. A strong sense of foreboding washed over me in a powerful wave as we tentatively descended into the gloomy underground. From some unseen corner came the unsettling tap, tap, tap of pipes, or perhaps a dripping tap. Musty air stuffed my nostrils with a suffocating odour of mould and dust, and shadows loomed threateningly from all sides. It was hard to shake off the feeling of being watched but, no matter how desperately I peered into the tenebrosity, it was impossible to make out the source of these unseen eyes.

Since the basement was such a hauntingly eerie place, we scooped up as many books as we could and quickly retreated to the steps. As we were scurrying back up, however, a flicker of movement caught my eye. Before my mind had made sense of the image, a figure pushed past us and seemed to glide up the stairs. It happened so suddenly, and was over so soon, that I could hardly see it. Despite this, I could have sworn that it was Georgina. But that's crazy, I know. She disappeared days ago. Could she really have been lurking in this spooky basement all that time?

Daisy had seen her too and thought the same thing, so we searched all over the mansion but to no avail. What's going on? Is Georgina still here? Is The Librarian behind it?


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