Waterstones Murder Mystery: Day Three

Halloween is fast approaching and I am super excited! Just to make the following fortnight even more thrilling, Waterstones are hosting an online blogger murder mystery, which I've been selected to get involved in. On five occasions over the next two weeks, myself and the other four bloggers will be posting diary entries from our terrifying, and murderous, "experience"  (Don't worry- it's totally fictional!) and tweeting hints, allowing everyone to get involved and try to work out the killer! If you're correct, you could win a £50 voucher. My fellow bloggers are: DaisyGeorginaSian and Beth, who will be posting their own diary entries based on their experience. Check out their posts for more clues! Find out more here and read my first diary entry here

Day Three

Dear Diary,

Last night I thought things were as bad as they were going to get. I'm writing this just before bed but it looks like I won't be leaving in the morning after all. Due to the events that unfolded just a couple of hours ago, The Librarian has placed the mansion on lockdown. I have to admit, it makes me feel very uncomfortable that I'm not allowed to leave, but I assume the police have made it a necessary measure.

After Sian's mysterious experience, The Librarian had the idea of hosting a banquet to lighten the mood. I think we were all relieved to have a distraction, so were fully on board. Although I offered to assist, he insisted on tending to every aspect of the feast on his own. However, I mustn't grumble as the food was absolutely delicious! Warm meats stacked up on plates that glistened aside steaming hot roast potatoes and the most deliciously flavoured vegetables. Ornate silver gravy boats were passed around and we were free to help ourselves to any of The Librarian's ample vintage wines, although I passed on this. Once we'd eliminated every morsel, he brought out dessert: the most exquisite apple pie with flaked puff pastry and subtle sprinklings of cinnamon. The Librarian must have the most exceptional chef, although I must admit to having not seen any staff during my stay here.
During the meal, we all loosened up a little, perhaps due to the roaring fire that crackled behind us and filled the room with a welcoming glow. Even The Librarian seemed less stern than usual, and went so far as to make some jokes. Despite this jovial atmosphere, there was one dark shadow on the peripheral, and that was the non-attendance of Sian. Understandly shaken up from her experience by the lake, she had chosen to take refuge in her room.

Before we had finished the meal, Beth decided to check on Sian for this reason. We all wanted to make sure she was coping with her trauma, and Beth had offered to take some food up. With the chattering continuing, it was some time before we realised that Beth hadn't returned, and we wondered aloud whether Sian was keeping her. Just as we were deciding to pop upstairs, we heard a frantic pounding of running footsteps and Beth burst into the dining room with all the force of a sudden storm. 

From what Beth told us, she'd encountered Sian lying still on her bed but, as Beth backed out of the dark room so as not the disturb the sleeping girl, her eyes had sharply jolted open and revealed themselves to be a glistening, demonic red. With a hiss, Sian revealed pointed porcelain fangs and had leaped at Beth with such speed that it knocked her backwards in shock. Despite Sian's startling, and quite unaccounted for strength, Beth had managed to fight her off and, in the following struggle, knock her unconscious. 

On relaying her shocking tale to us, Sian collapsed into the closest seat. The Librarian rushed upstairs with impossibly long strides, while Daisy and I comforted Beth, who was trembling like a leaf in the breeze. 

Shortly afterwards, The Librarian returned and informed us that, although there were clear signs of a struggle, Sian was nowhere to be seen. Just like Georgina and Piku, she has disappeared.

It was at this point that The Librarian forbade us to leave the house. I assume he'd spoken to the police while upstairs, as they were still on the property, and they must have told him to keep everybody in one place. Although we are free to move around the house, we must not leave the building. Presumably this is because one of us may be a suspect, although The Librarian seems convinced that it must be the work of a creature. All his horror reading seems to have gone to his head, as he believes this thing is from a work of fiction and has been obsessively studying his books for the past two hours.

Hopefully everything will be a lot clearer in the morning. The police are still around, so surely no harm can come to the rest of us.


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