Halloween Week: Ghost OOTD

Whatever happened to the sheet-over-head look? Nobody does it anymore, so I've taken it upon myself to bring this costume back! There is a practical reason for this though: On Saturday, Rich and I are going to see Henning Wehn's stand up in the evening, and I need to go straight on to a Halloween party afterwards. Unless I go to the show in costume, I won't have time to dress up between the two, so I figured I'd just chuck a sheet over my head. Sorted! 



  1. Literally I literally nearly wee'd when I saw this ESPECIALLY when you put #OOTD! LOLING like an idiot right now!!! Enjoy the party :)
    Rebecca xxx

  2. Haha brilliant. After seening loads of tutorials this old school costume is refreshing! There's also the bandages/toilet roll mummy look that no-one seems to want to do anymore.

    Amy at Amy & More

  3. This made me giggle. I'm so sold on the sheet over the head, vintage style! ;) x

  4. I really love Henning Wren - hope you had a great time! Ghost rules too!

  5. HAHA you are so adorable! <3 And I love the hashtag too :P

  6. Possibly my favourite ootd ever! Xx


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