101 in 1001 XXXIV

January has been an interesting month. It seems like I've barely sat down so I've got the year off to a really great start. I've also ticked off more of my goals than I anticipated!

#38 Visit an ice bar
Ice Bar London Review
It was a good couple of years ago that I added this goal to my 101 in 1001 list so I was mega chuffed when LDN Meet Up organised an event at Ice Bar London

#56 Watch 50 new-to-me films 17/50
Amy Winehouse Alan Rickman films
Amy is a film I've been meaning to watch for a while, so I made sure to catch it when it was broadcast on Channel 4 earlier this month. What a heartbreaking, poignant film. It really made me think about the way we all treat celebrities. The Oscar nominations are very well deserved.
Then, with the sad, sad news about Alan Rickman's death, Rich and I spent an entire week watching his films back to back. Amongst the many we've already seen, we also tried a couple that were new to us: The January Man was a very early, fairly terrible murder mystery with nowhere near enough Alan where Galaxy Quest, which I'm adamant I've already seen even though I couldn't remember any of it, was a witty and sardonic sci fi pastiche.

#61 See 5 shows 3/5
Jersey Boys London Review
After the nightmare Vix and I had trying to see Britain's Got Talent, we ended up in the audience of Jersey Boys and having a wonderful time. A couple of days later, Rich and I managed to see Britain's Got Talent after all which I'm totally including as a show. There were tickets, and a stage, and it was in a theatre. That's good enough, right? I've actually booked tickets to see The Play That Goes Wrong in April and have another four shows in the pipeline so it looks like I'm going to well exceed my target!

#84 Eat in 10 new-to-me London restaurants 2/10
Bubbledogs Tots
Bubbledogs was certainly an interesting experience!

#90 Read 125 books 37/125
Books read in January 2016
Yeah, yeah, so I'm cheating again. That baby Oscar Wilde book took me like 10 minutes to read. But a book is a book, right? 

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  1. A book is a book and BTG is definitely a show! Glad you're managing to tick off so many of your goals already! x

  2. I loved Galaxy Quest, that was a new one to me too and it was a nice little 'don't have to think too much' watch. Jersey Boys is on my list of to see plays too, I'm ticking another off my list this week by going to see The Rocky Horror Show :D

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. I don't think it's cheating! Well, I hope it's not as I've been reading some of those Penguin Little Black Classics which take me about 10-20 mins to read. Haha! Helps me with reaching my end goal of 60 books this year! Well done on ticking off so many of your goals! x x

  4. Galaxy Quest was one of my favourite films growing up. We used to rent the VHR from the corner shop haha!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog


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