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My Charity of the Month is a little different this January. Instead of supporting a charity, I'm using this space to share Leona's fundraising campaign. Those of you who know Leona will know that she has long hair. Like, really long hair. Being the wonderful, selfless person she is, she's decided to cut it off and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. Not only that, but she's being sponsored to do so and donating all of the money she raises. Amazing!donating hair for childrens wigs

See how long that hair is? Around 7- 10 inches of it will be winging its way to the Little Princess Trust. This wonderful charity uses real hair to make wigs for both boys and girls who have lost their hair while undergoing cancer treatment or suffering with hair loss.

Leona originally set a target of £50 but has more than doubled that. At the moment, she has raised £105 for the Little Princess Trust but your donation is still very welcome! Although donated hair makes wigs free of charge, the trust also purchases wigs to ensure they have a wide range and can find a wig to suit every child. These purchased wigs are bought at £350 each so costs soon add up. Just £5 will help make a real difference, allowing the trust to buy a wig that will fit a poorly child perfectly. 

Sponsor Leona here this month or, if you have long hair and are interested in donating some, find out how hereLosing hair is a scary experience for children. With your donation, the Little Princess Trust can make the experience a little easier.
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  1. How noble of her! I'd like to donate my hair but it's been so damaged by heat styling and dye that it's not eligible. Does she have a date that I would need to donate by?
    Megan x

    1. I asked her this and she's not sure but thinks it's around Jan 25th

  2. That's funny, I'm actually planning on doing the exact same thing later this year :) my hair just needs to grow a bit longer, nowhere near Leona's length haha.
    Awesome, props to her (and to you for featuring it)! :D

    Danee xx


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