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Well, I make this time for another Lush review! It's been all of two months since I last published one- my review of Celestial Moisturiser- and that's just completely out of character! The two products in this review are fairly difficult to get hold of. One is an Oxford Street exclusive while the other is from the Kitchen, but hopefully they'll be of use to somebody in the future.
Review Lush Supertramp Bubble Bar
Poor Supertramp is so misunderstood. I'll admit, while in the Oxford Street branch, I've passed him by on many occasions. He looks so pretty, you see, with pale pink and green swirls that you can't help but be drawn in. Then you give him a sniff. Unlike most of Lush's offerings, he's not sweet, or spicy, or floral. Nope, Supertramp is none of these. Supertramp is mossy. It's quite a shock, especially considering the candy-sweet colours, so most people tend to put him back down straight away. However, I decided that this time I was going to give Supertramp a chance. And you know what? He's not half bad. With ginger and sandalwood, Supertramp has a particularly earthy, masculine scent which is actually very grounding and soothing, and gently lingers on the skin. Roughly the same size and shape as the likes of Comforter, this bubble bar is great value for money and produces loads of bubbles. It does turn my bathwater into a murky, greyish sort of tone so it's not the prettiest of effects but definitely deserves a better reputation! 
Lush Pooh Stix Review
I took photos and then lost them so this picture of the packaging will have to do.
Based on Winnie the Pooh, Pooh Stix is a bath bomb I picked up from the Kitchen a while back. It may seem odd to do a review several weeks later, when you can no longer purchase one, but as the Kitchen tends to revisit products, I'm sure my thoughts will be useful in the future. When out of the bath, this ballistic has a very strong, almost pungent, spicy fragrance. Thankfully, once it's dropped in the bath this mellows into a softer, more pleasant scent with notes of cinnamon, liquorice and patchouli. As the product is white, it turns the bath water murky rather than coloured and it's a fast fizzer but is one of those "bitty" products- it leaves loads of cinnamon floating around in the bath, which I'm not a fan of. However, Pooh Stix does feel really luxurious and soothing. On cold evenings, it's very warming and has a relaxing effect on aching muscles. I'll definitely pick up another if it reappears in the Kitchen!

I wasn't sure about the Kitchen when it was first announced but it's really growing on me. There's a big Kitchen review coming up soon so keep an eye out for that! 

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  1. cinnamon, liquorice and patchouli - sounds like a bath bomb I could go for! I'm a fan of anything cinnamon. xx

  2. I was drawn to the colours of Supertramp too but didn't end up picking one up. Good to hear it makes lots of bubbles (I find its kind of hit and miss with Lush bubble bars), I think I'll definitely try one next time! :D

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Pooh Stix is the most unfortunate name for a bath product, but it sounds delightful!

    Katie |

  4. I rarely have any luck with the Kitchen, but if Pooh Stix ever pops up again I will definitely be trying my hand at securing it! I'm determined to make the most of the Kitchen this year as I feel like I've exhausted the rest of the permanent range x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  5. I'm not quite sure how I feel about a bath bomb called Poo(h) stix! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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