Bedroom Tour and Wishlist

I adore my bedroom. With plain white walls and furniture, I've kept it calm and relaxing with pale blue accessories such as my favourite toile de juoy duvet cover and Fluffy artwork. I love nothing more than scouring homeware departments looking for new items to add. 
Blue bedroom wishlist

Lavender is my favourite scent ever and it's perfect for relaxing before bed. Nothing is better than the Diptyque Feuille de Lavande candle so this takes pride of place on my bedside table. Now that I've had my beloved Fluffy screenprint in the bedroom for 4 years or so, I'm beginning to think it's time to move him to a different part of the house and find a new artwork for the bedroom. Dave White's Apex VI may not be entirely relaxing but my God am I in love with it! Unfortunately it's a little out of my budget, even with the Own Art loan!

Of course we musn't forget the most important elements of any bedroom- the bed itself! For ages, I used the cheapest duvet and pillow I could find, before I stayed at a friend and experienced my first feather duvet. Oh man, it was a revolution! Now I am happy to pay out for a great quality feather duvet and I use this goose down pillow which is the softest, squishiest, cosiest pillow I've ever had! I'm a fan of a supersoft double mattress, replaced every 8 years to get the best sleep possible. 
Accessorising the bed is just as important as the rest of the room. This pom pom trimmed bedding is absolutely adorable! Teamed with this soft blue blanket, it will make the very cosiest of bedrooms! 

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  1. A comfortable bedroom setting does wonders to your sleep and state of mind. I LOVE lighting candles before I sleep, and Lavender-scented ones are among my favourites!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  2. I love the art print but I'm the same as you with that price tag being out of my range at the moment haha! Feather duvets are lovely too, when I moved to London last year that's when I got my first one and I'm definitely a fan.

    Ali :)


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