12 reasons to love running, even when you hate exercise
I hate exercise (obviously) but I've always wanted to like running. Amber's post about why you should love running is almost the push I need to try it. Almost.
how to spend 48 hours in Edinburgh itinerary
Olivia's post on how to spend 48 hours in Edinburgh is lovely!
Christmas in Vegas
This is an older post of Carrie's (I'm a little behind from the holidays) but her Christmas in Vegas outfit is perfect!
how to make the most of instagram and get more followers
Toni has some fantastic advice on how to make the most of Instagram- and with 21.5k followers, she's well placed to give it! 
jonak wear lemonade
Look at Kat's amazing pink metallic ankle boots!

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  1. Ah, so excited to see my post in this! Really glad you liked it - I'm definitely never going to love running, but it's the lesser of the exercise evils for me :) (She says, having managed one 20 minute run in the entire week...)


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