BUNAC Summer in the States

One day, a very long time ago (well, ok about ten years ago), I saw an advert about summer camps in the UK and sent off for a brochure. It was delivered to my uni halls and, as a trainee teacher, I was ridiculously excited by the prospect of spending my summer working with kids in America. I told my mum all about it but she convinced me to save up for a year first. Then I met Rich, moved in with him and suddenly it wasn't very practical to spend weeks abroad. I'm still bitter about it tbh... Anyway, the point is, when BUNAC invited me to head down to Dirty Bones in London and find out about their American summer opportunities, that excitable 18 year old popped up again. I couldn't resist learning more. Dirty Bones Kensington

As I said, the event was held at Dirty Bones in Kensington, which I'd never been to but absolutely fell in love with. It's an American-style place but not your standard cheesy diner. Here there's a slightly grittier feel with exposed tiles and neon lights with food served in enamel bowls. Oh God, the food! Deep fried balls of mac n cheese, peppered squid and spicy chicken wings... I genuinely couldn't stop eating. It's the stuff of dreams, I'm telling you! The only downside is the low lighting so excuse the terrible iPhone photos!

The BUNAC team were all super friendly and filled with advice about America. I'm going to New Orleans for Halloween so was given a huge list of recommendations for things to do. Because BUNAC has been running since the 60s, they pride themselves on their expertise and it shines through in the staff they hire. A lot of the staff were alumni of the BUNAC summer camp and work programme so they really know their stuff. It was also a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and finally meet some people I've been chatting to on Twitter for a while, like Lauren (who is fab, FYI!)
BUNAC Summer in the States
I'd initially thought that BUNAC only ran summer camps but turns out they're a lot more than that. Sure, there are a range of roles in American summer camps, from a general counsellor to specialising in specific activities like art or water sports, but if kids aren't your thing, there are loads of completely different work opportunities in the states. Alternatively, you could work in the likes of Canada, Australia or South America. Click here to check out the full range of opportunities- it's huge! 
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If you're looking for an adventure, I definitely suggest getting in touch with the BUNAC team. They're so friendly and will be able to answer all your questions. Plus it gives me an opportunity to live vicariously through you!  

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  1. OMG I would of loved to have done something like this!

    Isobel x

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  2. They are very friendly! I went with them when I did the whole summer camp thing years ago and definitely thought I got the better end of the deal compared to the other companies people had gone out there with.

    Nicola //


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