Top Outfits of 2016

In 2015, I really struggled to write my top outfits post for the simple reason that there were hardly any to choose from. In fact, there were four entire months where I didn't post a single OOTD. This past year, however, I've made a real effort to create more fashion content and I'm so happy to be back creating the sort of posts that I started with. It's also made it a hell of a lot easier to choose my favourites!

The first three months started much the same way as the previous year, with not a single post between them. I only posted four looks between September 2015 and April 2016- Seven months and only four outfit posts! After that, however, I had a renewed drive so let's pick up this post in April.

Plus size embroidered folk dress
It was the magical Salzburg air that kickstarted my desire to create more fashion content. Everywhere was so pretty that I had no issues finding nice locations and this embroidered folk dress was perfect for running around the Alps!

Plus size pink prom party dress
I only posted one look in May so I don't have much to choose from but this embellished dress is very pretty so no matter!


Yep, nothing here. 

Plus size yellow lace bridesmaid dress
I didn't actually publish any posts in July but I did wear this yellow lace bridesmaid dress to Leona's wedding that month so it counts.

Plus size rainbow polkadot dress
Sure, the beginning of the year wasn't fantastic but August was where I finally pulled my finger out. From now on, I have loads to choose from. My absolute favourite is my rainbow polkadot dress. Sorry to that person who commented saying they hate my leggings (although the comment's gone now so they must have deleted it).

Simply Be Star Maxi Dress
My sexy witch dress is one of my very favourite items of clothing and I feel like this photo captures me so well. 

Plus size grey sweater jumper black skater skirt
October was a really fun month because I got my new camera just in time for Halloween, meaning I had lots of spooky clothes to play with. However, my favourite look was this simple jumper-skater-skirt combo. Somehow I look almost elegant in these photos. Weird huh?

Plus size cable knit jumper sweater green checked tartan skirt
This jumper made another appearance in my favourite outfit from November too. While in Sweden, I paired it with my gorgeous green checked skirt which has the most amazing shape ever!

Plus size vintage Christmas cardigan jumper sweater
By the end of the year I was fully back into the swing of OOTDs. Out of the five I had to choose from, I eventually settled on this one because of my vintage Christmas cardigan. It's one of the best pieces I bought in the entirety of 2016 so it's only right that I celebrate it here.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be back creating fashion content. When I started, the sole purpose of this blog was to share my outfits. It feels like I lost my way somewhere in the last 5 years but now I'm realising what I really want this blog to be and I'm narrowing that down. Expect a lot more outfit posts in 2017.

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  1. I enjoy your outfit posts, you always look so put together and wear great items x

  2. That embroidered dress is my absolute FAVOURITE.

    Meg | Elmpetra

  3. I love seeing these type of posts reviewing outfits over the year - my favourite has to be the yellow dress in July. So cute :D x

  4. I absolutly love May's dress it is absolutely gorgeous! September's OOTD is also lush! I love your style! :)

    Katee xx

  5. Love the prom like dress the best!

    Isobel x

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