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Last year, I decided I needed to see more of the world. Travel became my priority and I wrote a post listing all the places I wanted to visit. I've reviewed my goals at the bottom of this post so scroll down if you want to see how I got on. Now that it's a new year, I'm thinking about where to visit in 2017, both around the UK and beyond.
Salzburg Leopoldskron Sound of Music Gate

I don't really know why. They just look pretty and peaceful and I think it would be nice to spend a couple of days getting away from it all. And I bet it's great for OOTD shots!


When I started driving, one of the places I wanted to visit was Newcastle. It's somewhere I've never visited before but I think I'll love it, and I've wanted to see the Angel of the North forever! 


We didn't manage to get to Newquay in 2016 as planned so we intend to go down for a couple of nights in place of a summer trip abroad since I've got a couple of big visits in the autumn.



Venice was my Grandma's favourite city and she used to talk about it all the time. I've never been but I heard so much about it. This year, I'm finally going to visit and I can't wait! It's going to be lovely seeing somewhere that meant so much to my Grandma. After the trip we're going to do something else that I've wanted to experience for a long time- a sleeper train! I don't even know what it is that appeals to me, I've just always wanted to do it. Bet you can't guess where the train is heading. Spoiler alert: It's Salzburg lol


Yes, I'm going back to Florida for my third triennial visit (is triennial even a word? ...Yes it is, I just looked it up). Unlike my previous two trips, we're actually staying in Walt Disney World this time and I'm super excited at all the extra benefits we'll get, not to mention the ease of travelling every day! Since 2016 was such an awful year for us with an inordinate number of bereavements, we've saved up to make this a really special, luxurious trip. You'll see what I mean closer to the time! 


Pretty much the week after I return from Florida, I'm heading back out to south east USA with Marie. Like me, she's very interested in death culture so she's wanted to visit New Orleans for years. In November, it will be her 30th birthday so we're arranging the trip for the end of October to catch the Halloween celebrations. It's going to be a lot of fun!


I really love the idea of going somewhere in Europe for a day trip- catching an early flight out and then returning late. Copenhagen looks like my best bet for this. The flights are cheap, short, and at convenient times.

                        2016 REVIEW


This ties in nicely with my next goal too. We'd planned to visit Whitstable for a weekend in my birthday but before we got a chance, fate intervened. I'd been provided with tickets to review Dreamland in Margate but unfortunately when I got there I found out a storm had forced the park to close. We'd travelled a good couple of hours to get there and it was only a few miles from Whitstable so instead we had a little day trip in the seaside town. An unexpected visit but a lovely one nonetheless!

Spring in Whitstable


As I said above, we had plans to visit Margate and then they fell through. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reschedule for another day so I still haven't visited. Boo!


This was another so-close-but-not-quite-there moment. We booked the same b&b that we'd stayed in during our Newquay trip 7 years ago and were all ready to pop down straight after Leona's wedding in Plymouth. Then the owners told us they'd had to cancel our booking as personal circumstances meant they were going to be away over that weekend. Such a shame but perhaps we'll head back in 2017 instead.


You know I visited Austria, right? I never stopped banging on about it. In fact, I loved Austria so much that I had three trips in 2016- one in April, one in August and one in December. It's just the most wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place and I can't wait to return in the spring! 
Salzburg Sound of Music Tour // Untersberg Mountain // Winter in Salzburg


We were planning to visit Paris over the Christmas period but, to be completely honest, I didn't feel entirely safe. I know that's an overreaction but I get anxious easily so it's better for me just to avoid a situation that makes me worry. Originally we'd decided to visit Munich at the end of 2017 for the Christmas markets so we just brought that forward. We probably won't be visiting Disneyland Paris this December since we'll only be back from Walt Disney World in October but maybe 2018!


Amsterdam wasn't on my radar for 2016 when I wrote my last post. I visited in 2011 and wasn't really taken with the city, but when Ami and I decided to go on a trip together, Amsterdam was a cheap option. I ended up having a much better time than my first visit and it's caused me to rethink my opinion. I'll definitely go back sometime.

48 Hours in Amsterdam


In 2015, Rich took me to Berlin and Paris for our first anniversary. It was meant to be a surprise but he's awful at surprises so I was already telling people where I was going before he actually told me. 2016 was my turn to surprise him. I'd planned to go to Stockholm and Oslo since a) Rich likes vikings and b) I wanted to go to Stockholm but we just never got round to booking it. In the end, we decided to take a spontaneous trip in November, just finding the cheapest flights and going wherever they took us. By coincidence, the cheapest flights happened to be Stockholm so that's where we ended up! On the snowiest November day in 111 years, no less!

72 Hours in Stockholm pt I // 72 Hours in Stockholm pt II


Like Amsterdam, Hamburg wasn't even a consideration last year. Then Ami and I thought we'd go for another mini break and flights to Germany were cheap. After looking up a few different cities, we settled on Hamburg for the Christmas markets. It was great wandering around the markets drinking Apfelpunsch and eating pretzels. Yum!

Hamburg Christmas Markets


We were in Munich for two nights, although I was ill the first night so we only popped out in the evening for dinner, and we left early in the morning after the second night, so we only really had a day there. Most of that day was spent on the Christmas markets so I'd love to go back and visit the city in a non-festive capacity. It's only a 90 minute train ride from Salzburg so I'll have lots of opportunity when I'm living over there.

Munich Christmas Markets

Looking back, it's amazing how many places I managed to squeeze into one year. It's been a very exciting experience and I can't wait to add to the list this year. 

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  1. you travelled just as much as I bloody did! I already have 5 trips booked in for the next few months too.. I am going to never have money again.

  2. Omg I would love to go to the Cotswolds, Copenhagen, Venice & Paris! I'm going to Amsterdam this year! In September I'm hoping!

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