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Following in my tradition of buying Lush lip balms whenever I visit a different country, I picked up Key Lime Pie in Hamburg. I was at the cash point and caught a very slight scent of Lush. After a little exploring, I discovered it just behind me, obscured by Christmas market chalets. I swear I'm like a bloodhound but for Lush. A Lushound. Anyway, since I already have Honey Trap (which is currently missing somewhere in my living room) and Buttered Brazils, I don't have a huge selection left. I decided on Key Lime Pie as I liked the zesty fragrance and, after trying it out, I definitely think I made the right decision. 
Lush Key Lime Pie Lip Balm Review


As I said, the fragrance is super zesty. Unlike the other lip balms, which have names that don't really relate to their scent, this one actually does smell like limes. It's really citrusy and could be quite overwhelming since it's so full-on. Because of this sharp scent, it's probably more suited for summer than winter or, as I've found, when I'm studying. Something about the somewhat sour element spurs me on.


Unfortunately, the results aren't particularly long lasting. When my lips are dry, it provides a little nourishment and soothes them for a little but once it's absorbed, they quickly dry up again. I've also found that this lip balm feels quite greasy on my lips and I'm wondering if it's just transferring off rather than being absorbed. Still, it will be great in the summer when I don't need a lot of moisturising.

It's a handy little lip balm if you only need a little refreshment but if you're after something more heavy duty, it's probably best to go for something like Honey Trap.

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  1. I live zesty and citrus smelling things! So I think I'd like this :)

    Isobel x

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