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Nobody is prouder of my nail journey than Helen. When we first met way back in our early blogging days, my nails were bitten into practically non-existent stubs and I never even attempted to paint them because I was so terrible at it. Helen, on the other hand, always has impeccably neat nails. I know she's very impressed with the difference a few years has made! Recently, she told me that she was having a clear out and offered to let me rifle through her nail varnish reject pile. What I wasn't expecting was for her to hand me a carrier bag filled to the brim with bottles of the most beautiful colours to take home. I can't even tell you how happy it made me- I bought those little nail wheel things and catalogued every single one. When I next got my nails done, I couldn't wait to try one of my new shades, and settled on Illamasqua Vice- this deep purple/burgundy shade.
Illamasqua Vice Swatch
There's actually a bit of a story behind why I chose this too. As part of my course, I had to visit a funeral director, which presented a problem... and not the one you're probably thinking of. My problem was, what on earth do you wear to a funeral director in a professional capacity? Obviously I wanted to look respectable, but not too formal. For obvious reasons, I thought it would be best if I wore a fairly sombre outfit, but at the same time I thought it might be a bit much to turn up to looking like I was actually going to a funeral. In the end, I bought a black shift dress and wore it on top of a burgundy chiffon blouse. I was getting my nails done the day before my visit and this nail polish happened to be the exact shade of burgundy as my blouse. It just seemed like a nice combination.

On application, I was surprised to find the nail varnish dried to a matte finish. I do love the look of matte nails but this wasn't the soft, cashmere-like appearance that I've seen before. Instead it just looked a little dull. Of course, a nice shiny top coat took care of that and gave it a sleek, glossy finish so it wasn't a problem. The shade itself is a gorgeous rich burgundy with a purple hue. I hadn't tried Illamasqua before so I wasn't sure what to expect but the colour went on nice and opaque, and I've not had any problems with chipping. 

My first foray into Illamasqua has gone well. I have a couple more of their shades so it will be interesting to try them out too, although I think I'm going for a purple glitter from Rimmel next. Leaving my comfort zone! And in case you're wondering, the funeral director visit went very well!

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  1. OMG I love this shade! I didn't even know illamasqua did nail varnish! Shows how much I research things hahaa

    Isobel x

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  2. I'm a big fan of Illamaqua's nail varnishes! They're amazing but a little bit pricey. I like to pick them up when they have one of their amazing sales or you can sometimes find them in TK Maxx x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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