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Hi, I'm Becky and my eyeballs are fixed to the left side of my sockets. You know that star-print maxi dress that I absolutely love? Simply Be also sell a tea dress version! You better believe I snapped it up the second I saw it. Even though it's an impossibly thin, floaty material with a low neckline and fluttery sleeves, I still thought it would be perfect for my trip to Austria. I figured I could whip off my jumper, take some photos then snuggle up warm again. I was wrong. It was cold. Still, it looked pretty cute layered under my jumper so no loss! Plus size winter outfit
Hat: Christmas market (similar here)
Jumper: Primark (similar here)
Dress: Simply Be
Jacket: Golddigga (similar here)
Leggings: Simply Be
Boots: Skechers (similar here)

It may not be winter-appropriate but this star print tea dress still looks lovely as a skirt, and way more appropriate for snow than the maxi dress. I mean, neither are really suitable for this weather but at least the shorter dress doesn't drag on the wet ground! Plus there's something perfectly wintry about stars, right? I can't wait until spring when I can wear it in all its glory!
Simply Be Star Print Dress
To keep cosy, I layered it up with my classic grey cable knit jumper. It's so comfy and, despite how cheap it was (thank you Primark!), it's surprisingly warm. In fact, I was so toasty from climbing up the hill to the fortress where these photos were taken that I needed to take it off while we ate in the nearby restaurant. That's the sign of a good jumper!
Black bobble hat
The black bobble hat was bought in Munich's medieval market but purely out of necessity. Before we left the country, I'd treated myself to a nice blow dry and my hair was looking super sleek. I'd packed two hats in case of rain and/or snow so it would stay that way... and then obviously I didn't have either with me when I got caught in snow at the Christmas markets. The handy thing was that we were surrounded by stalls... unfortunately they were all ridiculously expensive. The nice hats that I really wanted were €50 (although looking back, I think the bobble was real fur so it's for the best that I didn't get one!). This plainer one was a lot cheaper but still way more than I'd pay for a bobble hat usually. Still, it was that or have frizzy, unruly hair all holiday so I did what I had to do. It's actually a really great hat because although it looks like a standard woolly hat, it's lined with a thick fleece so it's super warm! Plus it's not every hat that you can say came from a German medieval Christmas market!
Plus size padded jacket
As I said above, we took these photos at the Hohensalzburg Fortress in a spot I discovered during my solo trip. I actually took a couple of photos of myself here on that trip using my phone tripod and self-timer but they didn't come out too well. Instead, I kept the location in mind for when we returned. It's great because it's a hidden away little terrace so it's very quiet but also has a stunning view (when the fog isn't obscuring anything more than three feet away!). Because of the conditions, it was even quieter than last time and had the added bonus of this gorgeous Christmas tree. We also had a couple of guys in Chewbacca onesies milling around behind me so Rich had to get creative with his positioning to keep them out of shot! 
Plus size grey jumper
This brings us to the end of my Salzburg OOTDs. From now on, it's going to be plain old boring England backdrops. Until March that is...

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  1. What a gorgeous place to take outfit pics! I'm obsessed with anything star print and I love this dress x

    Sick Chick Chic

  2. I love the star pattern on the dress!!! So cute! I think it looks great with the sweater too.

  3. Aw looking super cute and snuggle in this outfit!

    Isobel x

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  4. This dress is so cute! And even though it's not necessarily a winter piece, I'd still wear it in the winter and style it just as you did with a jumper. That's how I style most of my lighter dresses!

    Julia x

  5. Love a good celestial print, me.

    Never forget a hat, Bedbug.


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