1st January 2012

Happy New Year's!

I've just found £10 down the back of the sofa. 2012 is off to a good start!

I don't tend to celebrate New Year's. I always find it a bit anticlimactic. In fact, I think the last time I did celebrate it was 05/06.

Nevertheless, I dressed up for the occasion. Why not? It's fun to dress up!

Dress: H&M
Suede wedges: New Look

That dress is labelled a size 18. I'm a UK 14 and it took me about 10 minutes to wiggle that skirt down over my hips. I felt a bit like a disco sausage squeezed in my metallics like that!

Here's my face. Pow!

My style resolutions for 2012 are as follows:
  1. Take more care in choosing my outfits, rather than just throwing on the first thing I see in the morning
  2. Experiment more with accessories
  3. Build up a capsule wardrobe of all those basics like plain coloured vests and skirts.
What are yours?


  1. haha finding money has to be one of the best things, followed closely by brand new socks :D

  2. Love your outfit :) reminds me of zooey deschanel <3
    Followed you.

  3. I love this dress!! im hyping you on LB and following you too! heres my LB:

    check it out when you get a chance!!

  4. Hi found you on IFB. Love your outfit. The pattern on the dress is ah-mazing. And WOOT for finding money in random places! :D Those are quite good style resolutions. Happy New Year!! :)

    Sing Simple

  5. sv; thanks! :D love that dress

  6. I know this is a bit late...but the link within caught my eye and I came across this slightly old post. Love the sheer elegance of this dress, you look really regal and pretty!

    Gemma x


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