My Top 5 Style Icons

In response to my list of style icons that I just don't "get", it seems only logical to create a list of the people who I do find inspirational.

These are pretty eclectic. There isn't really a running theme or sense of cohesion about them. Unless you count "I like them" as a theme, of course. My style icons are usually just every day people so it's difficult to compile a list of famous folk who fit the bill. Nevertheless, I'll give it my best shot.

So, counting down in reverse order:

5. Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulligan is so adorable with her little pixie hair and demure face. Her style is no different- it is so quintessentially cute. Her penchant for Prada is perfectly in keeping with this image- iadylike frocks and Miu Miu shift dresses capture an innocent yet intriguing effect. Off duty, she contrasts black skinny jeans with dainty details to create the ultimate balance between sweet and sexy.

4. Emma Watson
I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but I'm not a massive fan of Emma Watson herself. I'm not a fan of Daniel Radcliffe either but that's a tale for another time! However, I absolutely love her wardrobe! From floaty vintage dresses to cheeky lace numbers, she always looks so sophisticated yet retains that sense of fun that should come with being young. She seems to have a playful approach to style yet she always looks classy, rather than looking like a kid who's been let loose in their mother's wardrobe.

My favourite look of hers is this. The frankly stunning Alexander McQueen tartan dress (which I want with all my heart) has this amazing puffball skirt but, teamed with a leather jacket, it's given a slighlty tough-girl twist. Give it to me!

3. Helena Bonham Carter
I've written an article on why I love her right here so I don't think I need to elaborate any further. Basically, she is awesome. Fact.

2. Twiggy

This is so cliched. It almost hurts me. I can't leave her out though as she was my first style icon when I was aged 14 or so. I've always loved the whole 60s aesthetic. I was obsessed with mod style when I was in my mid teens and bought my first Mary Quant-esque (read: New Look) shift dress aged 15. It was black with white semi circles on each side. I wore it to a classmate's birthday party with silver circle drop earrings, white tights and black Mary Janes. Everyone else was there in their bodycon skirts and exposed clevage whilst I looked like I had just rolled out of 1966. It was a great little outfit. I still own it though I have no hope of fitting into it!

1. Gerard Way
Yes, he's a man. Aged 16 to 18, he was the most important man in my life. I had met him, which might make that a little less creepy, although that effect is probably undermined by the fact I only met him by hanging around the Brixton Academy stage door for hours on a freezing November night aged 17, resulting in a missed train and an overnight stay in a Waterloo doorway...

Anyway, his style had a huge influence on my teenage wardrobe and has left a lasting legacy. Gerard Way is all about the image and every single detail that it entails. No visually honed stone is left unturned in his quest for art direction perfection. When I was 17, I followed his style to the T. I scoured charity shops for months on the hunt for a black velvet blazer, until my mum found me one in Peacocks in time for Christmas 2005. I smeared red eyeshadow around my entire eye socket every day, after sending an email to Kerrang! begging them to tell me where I could find some (it was published and I still own the clipping). I even went so far as to asking him in person where he had bought his bat belt (ebay, if you were wondering) and then buying my own one. I was, to all extents and purposes, a black-haired, 17 year old, female Gerard Way.

These days I'm a little more subtle. There is an amazing quote of his which inspires me in every aspect of my life: Be whoever you are extremely loud. And be completely fearless when you do it.

This doesn't mean going all out there and being a freaking crazy dresser. He goes on to talk about being fearless in whoever you are, even if that means a fearless accountant. Just be who you are, whoever you are, to the full. I aim to live like that in every direction of my life, including my wardrobe.
Now he looks like this. Hmmm, I've already told you about my love affair with stripes. I love monchrome too. I guess that desire to emulate his wardrobe didn't end with my teenage years.


  1. helena bonham carter is soooo amazing! :D love her style as well ^-^

  2. I never thought of Mr. Way as a style icon, but his quote is definitely inspiring! :)

  3. Love Carey.. can't stand Emma. Each to their own :)

  4. I looooove twiggy too ! Emma has a wonderful sense of style too.
    Great post!

  5. Twiggy is great and I love that dress on Emma Watson, but I love her, necessarily. Her haircut's getting a bit mullet-y these days. Great blog

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