8th January 2012

My favourite band of all time is The Mamas and The Papas. I've loved them since before I can even remember. My Dad had their Greatest Hits on CD which he copied onto casette and we would sing along in his car duet-style, he the boys and I the girls. We got pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself.

Back then, aged 7 or so, my favourite was Michelle Phillips. Mostly because she was blonde and pretty and because that's what 7 year old girls are drawn to. (Now I appreciate that Mama Cass was the soul of the band but she just didn't have that Barbie-esque quality to appeal to a young girl).

Michelle, sadly the only remaining living member of the band, was something of an inspiration for me then. I loved her looks, her style and her voice. So today, I have decided to pay homage to her.

I found this photo a few years ago and it has always inspired me. Well, aside from the cigarette part but we'll pretend we can't see that!

I love monochrome, I love the French influence in this outfit and I love how gosh darn chic she looks.

Admittedly, my figure is a bit curvier than Michelle's (maybe Cass would have been a more figure-appropriate inspiration!) but I think I did a pretty good job really.

I love this skirt. I bought it on ebay for a bargain price but unfortunately it's a little too short for work so I'll have to get a longer one. It's prefect for sunny Sundays like today though. It came with a cute little patent belt aswell which is adorable.

I got this beret in the River Island sale. I am obsessed with damlatian print right now and I thought this print would give my outfit a little something quirky. I like it a lot although I have absolutely no idea how to wear it- it kept popping off my head!

I straightened my hair hurriedly this morning so that it would curl at the ends and I've applied a liberal dose of black pencil eyeliner.

Maybe next week I'll tackle a Mama Cass look. In fact, thinking about it, I have the perfect vintage paisley shift dress...


  1. you've got very nice eyes, xoxo

  2. That's such a cute outfit! And I like the thought behind it! :)

  3. ...I love the hat...!you have done a realy good job!
    …All in Style…!

  4. You look great! Michelle Phillips...what a babe! Have you seen this blog post?
    Soo inspirational! xx

  5. I love the Mammas and the Pappas, that outfit is so chic and you like great too. I love Mamma Cass too!

  6. your blog is adorable.
    i'm following now, keep in touch.

    violetheart xxoo

  7. gorgeous outfit, love the skirt xx

  8. Love the inspiration!!

  9. Hi I love your blog :)) . However, I was wondering is you can follow my blog by clicking "join this site" in the left margin.

  10. Oooh! your beanie is so pretty :) I want it.

  11. You look so cute :))


  12. Ohhh I love this outfit! The collar is too cute!
    I'm definitely looking forward to your Mama Cass look. She's my favourite and I can't get enough of paisley dresses :)


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