8th January 2012

My favourite band of all time is The Mamas and The Papas. I've loved them since before I can even remember. My Dad had their Greatest Hits on CD which he copied onto casette and we would sing along in his car duet-style, he the boys and I the girls. We got pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself.

Back then, aged 7 or so, my favourite was Michelle Phillips. Mostly because she was blonde and pretty and because that's what 7 year old girls are drawn to. (Now I appreciate that Mama Cass was the soul of the band but she just didn't have that Barbie-esque quality to appeal to a young girl).

Michelle, sadly the only remaining living member of the band, was something of an inspiration for me then. I loved her looks, her style and her voice. So today, I have decided to pay homage to her.

I found this photo a few years ago and it has always inspired me. Well, aside from the cigarette part but we'll pretend we can't see that!

I love monochrome, I love the French influence in this outfit and I love how gosh darn chic she looks.

Admittedly, my figure is a bit curvier than Michelle's (maybe Cass would have been a more figure-appropriate inspiration!) but I think I did a pretty good job really.

I love this skirt. I bought it on ebay for a bargain price but unfortunately it's a little too short for work so I'll have to get a longer one. It's prefect for sunny Sundays like today though. It came with a cute little patent belt aswell which is adorable.

I got this beret in the River Island sale. I am obsessed with damlatian print right now and I thought this print would give my outfit a little something quirky. I like it a lot although I have absolutely no idea how to wear it- it kept popping off my head!

I straightened my hair hurriedly this morning so that it would curl at the ends and I've applied a liberal dose of black pencil eyeliner.

Maybe next week I'll tackle a Mama Cass look. In fact, thinking about it, I have the perfect vintage paisley shift dress...


  1. you've got very nice eyes, xoxo

  2. That's such a cute outfit! And I like the thought behind it! :)

  3. ...I love the hat...!you have done a realy good job!
    …All in Style…!

  4. You look great! Michelle Phillips...what a babe! Have you seen this blog post?
    Soo inspirational! xx

  5. I love the Mammas and the Pappas, that outfit is so chic and you like great too. I love Mamma Cass too!

  6. your blog is adorable.
    i'm following now, keep in touch.

    violetheart xxoo

  7. gorgeous outfit, love the skirt xx

  8. Love the inspiration!!

  9. Oooh! your beanie is so pretty :) I want it.

  10. You look so cute :))


  11. Ohhh I love this outfit! The collar is too cute!
    I'm definitely looking forward to your Mama Cass look. She's my favourite and I can't get enough of paisley dresses :)


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