Wishlist: Topshop Parrot Stripe Jumper

I need this jumper in my life! I can barely breathe, I am so in love with it.

I have loved pirates for years. Pirate Parties at my local rock club (The Agincourt, if you're in the Hampshire/ Surrey area) are legendary. I have a homemade pirate costume upstairs, in my fancy dress box (I kid you not- I can't get enough of fancy dress!), that I made aged 17 for a Pirate Night. One of the first things my fiance and I did as a couple was swashbuckling-on-up at one of these pirate nights.

Pirates rule.

In the event of a lack of pirates, anything nautical will do. Sailor chic is right up my street.

The other thing I love is stripes. Stripes and spots. I don't know what it is about them but I just turn to jelly when I see them. Albeit, a jelly with my debit card outstretched. I think's it the fun factor- If stripes were a person, they'd be an overexcitable weirdo approaching their mid-20s who thinks Disney World Florida is The Best Place on Earth and still leaves a mince pie out for Santa, even though they don't like mince pies. In a word, me.

Extending on with this theme, I like crazy quirky details. When I was 14 I had a pair of jeans from Asda (woohoo!) that had blue and pink sequins cascading from the waistband, down to the thighs, scattering more freely as they travelled downwards. I bloody loved those jeans. Even when all the sequins fell off and I was left with a variety of little white thread hooks peppering my crotch, I would wear them most days a week. In the end, the fabric of the gusset wore out and ripped. As much as I loved those jeans, crotchless denim wasn't going to be a great look until Christina Aguleira appeared in them a year later so they had to go.

We've already established that I love red, white and blue. Those three colours combined are magical. They make me want to jump up wherever I am- on the bus, if needs be- and start shouting out the National Anthem.

So imagine the heart palpitations I had when I saw this:

I don't know what to do. I can't concentrate on anything else. How am I going to get my marking done when I am just thinking about how much I want to run to Topshop right now, try this baby on and sit in the changing room crying because it's still 17 days until payday?

Roll on the 31st...


  1. Haha, I know that feeling - it's a very cute shirt :)

  2. Ahaha that is pretty amazing - I half looked at it and thought "what's the fuss about?" but then I saw the sleeve..! X


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