Sock it to me

I don't wear socks. Ever. The last time I wore a pair was a good couple of years ago when I was dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. I think... although Alice doesn't wear socks. Maybe it was someone else. I don't know.

Anyway, I wear tights every day. Whatever the weather. Black opaque tights for winter and sheer nude for summer. It's predictable and boring. Especially when I find myself enamoured with socks. I love cute little detailed ankle socks. Yet I can't work that trend without looking dumpy, cutesy and, frankly, a little odd.

So, to combat my growing frustration (or maybe to make it worse), here is a catalogue of the most adorable, most beautiful, most wish-I-could-wear-them socks.

Topshop is the ruler of mouth-wateringly delicious ankle socks. These are just adorable. The peachy tone, the delicate cable knit and that gorgeous ruffle are all divine. I love them!

These lovely floral socks are from Accessorize. Aren't the just darling? The polkadots and floral detail is perfectly set against the minty shade. Peppermint perfection!

On a sillier note, take a peek at these cuties! I'd certainly keep my little piggies cosy in these New Look novelty socks. I love pigs. They've been my favourite animal since I was a child and anything with a piggy motif is guaranteed to make me turn to jelly.

Ok, these are baby socks. I just can't resist adding them to my list though. From the Flower Stork, these little delights are shaped just like a cupcake. Yum yum. Other varieties come in cake and rose varieties. So adorable!

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  1. I love these cute socks also but I live in tights for the post part and my socks are usually functional to wear under boots. Recently I've been wearing cute socks on top of my tights displayed above my shoes, maybe you could try that too?


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