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I'm not one for accessories. As much as I try and try and try until I... well, until I give up, really... I just cannot incorporate them. I really do give it a go. I will get dressed, choose an accessory, put it on and then decide that, actually, it's detracting from my wardrobe. Then away it goes, never to be seen again, or at least until next January when I make it my resolution- again- to wear more accessories.

Nevertheless, despite my lacking penchant for embellishment, I have a backlog of jewellery, hair accessories, belts, scarves and Lord knows how many ribbons. I can't throw them away- I might actually manage to wear them one day!- and yet they are clogging up my dressing room (Yes, I have a dressing room. No, I do not have a pony. Or a swimming pool. Or even an upbringing free from council estates).

So I need to develop some pretty ingenious storage solutions. Having moved only at the beginning of December, my room is not perfectly developed yet. I have a pretty spectacular idea for hanging my jewellery but, at least until payday, this is what I'm working with at the moment.

Part one: How I store my jewellery

The mannequin in the corner there is called Doris. She is wearing a corset from What Katie Did and a petticoat from Beyond Retro.

My drawers are from Ikea and you can also see- left to right- a WHSmith's storage box with a small case on top that was a gift. In those, I store my perfumes which I will do a post on in the future apart from my DKNY Be Delicious that you can see next to the box. Beside those is a little Miffy tin that I bought in Amsterdam's Schipol Airport. I love Miffy more than a 23 year old should! My plasters live in there so they are easy to access if I need one to protect my tootsies in tight shoes. Right on the end is my antique jewellery box that you will see more of later.

A close up of my necklaces. All of these ones are from Etsy. I also have necklaces from Past Times, Accessorize and a gift from my Grandma on here. Hanging up on my dressing table drawer knobs are necklaces from the Hot Topic that I visited in Florida, charity shops, Claire's Accessories and other less exotic locations. Only my prettiest necklaces get on Doris! I also have a few bangles that I think were a gift from my Mum when she visited Turkey.

Here's my jewellery box in its entirety. I found it in an antique shop in Eastbourne about 3 years ago. It was far too expensive for its quality- with its cracked, dirty mirror and splitting wood- but the musical mechanism works perfectly and I was absolutely desperate for it. My fiance very kindly bought it for me and I'm very, very glad he did.

The main compartment of the box. The section on the left is cushioned and on the right is a raised platform, although I'm not sure why as the space underneath is unused.

From left to right: A pair of sapphire, gold and pearl earrings that my fiance bought from an antique jewellers for my 21st birthday. The rest are from my Grandma: a green and silver-coloured charm bracelet from a local boutique jewellers for my 21st birthday (in the silver bag); a jade necklace (in the red bag) that my Grandma bought in China a couple of decades ago and a jade and black pearl bracelet that my Grandad bought her for their 25th wedding anniversary in 1980. This bracelet has never been worn by either of us as we both have tiny wrists but it has a matching necklace that Doris is wearing.

These are the two top compartments that swivel outwards to reveal the main compartment.

From left to right: Left compartment: A dolly mixture charm bracelet that my mum bought me for my 22nd birthday, made by her friend's Mum; A pink earring that I bought in H&M aged 15 in 2003 and vintage yellow clip-on earrings from Etsy.

Right compartment: Black ear tunnels that I bought in Hot Topic in Florida; a floral bracelet that my Mum bought me in Turkey; a mechanical pocketwatch from the same Eastbourne antique shop that the jewellery box came from; turquoise and silver dreamcatcher earrings from my Grandma, bought for her by my Grandad in America a couple of decades ago; a silver and cubic zirconia ring that my fiance bought me as a temporary engagement ring when my original one broke (90 minutes after he proposed, it was a fairly traumatic event but now I have a beautiful antique one that is much better than the original).

These are the little drawers either side of the box at the bottom. Clockwise from top left, starting with the left drawer.

A faux pearl vintage brooch from ebay; An embroidered brooch from ebay; A button that should really be in my sewing box; Another faux pearl brooch from ebay; Another button that shouldn't be there.

One of a pair of vintage red clip-on earrings; White vintage clip-on earrings; the adorable little key to lock the box; two pairs of vintage yellow clip-on earrings; A badge from 2005 that I should get rid of; A red anchor earring from Beyond Retro (the other one snapped in half a couple of years ago); A crystal ring from Peacocks.

So, there we have it. That's not even all of my jewellery. When I get another sunny day, and therefore a nice natural light in my dressing room, I will show you how I store the rest of my jewellery, my sunglasses, hair accessories and so on.

I can't wait to get my new storage solution and to show you that!


  1. That is a gorgeous jewellery box! I've been dying to find something perfect to store my jewellery for quite some time - but nothing has given me that feeling of needing it.
    In all honesty, I love seeing storage posts and have greatly considered doing something of my own - and I've been wanting to buy a good dress makers stand for a seriously long time, but no job means no money!

    Paris of The Vintage Look


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