7th January 2012

Happy Saturday! I survived my first week! It's been so so tiring but amazing at the same time. I can't believe I'm an actual, real, fully fledged teacher. I can already feel it infiltrating my home life. I wonder how long it will be until I accidentally threaten my fiance with detention if he doesn't listen to me?

Yesterday, the little girl who liked my dress on Thursday said to me "You look very nice today, Miss!" What a sweetie! Here's the same dress that she liked the other day, I'm cracking it out again today.

Hat: Accessorize
Anchor earring: Beyond Retro
Round earring: Vintage
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I love red and blue. It's one of my favourite colour combinations. So bold and striking plus it has that retro/vintage feel to it. I'm mega patriotic (please do not confuse that with nationalistic! I think multiculturalism is one of the greatest things about Britain) so I think my love of this combo is also influenced by the Union Jack.

I'm snuggling up in my Topshop dalmatian coat again too today. I love it!


  1. love your coat!
    laur x

  2. Your dress, hat, and coat are absolutely adorable!!

  3. Love the outfit and I love that I've found another teacher on here! lol

  4. ...I love red and blue combo...
    ...your shoes are great!
    :D...are your piercing real???
    …All in Style…!

  5. That's such a cute coat! :D
    Check out my blog?

  6. Love this dress and your coat! They look really great with the red from your shoes and hat, gorgeous xxx


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