Beauty Friday: Benefit Hervana Blusher

For about three years now, I have used Benefit Thrrrob blusher every day. Every. Single. Day. I love it. I nearly didn't buy it because of the horrible tacky box design. I'm so glad I did though. It suits me perfectly, it is the most adorable girly pink and it has this lovely subtle shimmer to it. I worship it.

Then the day came when I logged onto Benefit to have a browse. I noticed a glaring omission. There was no Thrrrob. Panic stations!

I rushed over to their Facebook page and asked if this terrible news was true. Was Thrrrob discontinued? Unfortunately, another fan confirmed it was true but recommended I try their new Hervana.

I had seen the hype and was tempted to give it a whirl anyway, so I figured this appraisal was a good opportunity to get it.

Well, the box is mega cute. It flips open and secures with a little hidden magnet. It also has a tiny mirror on the inside which is cute although entirely impractical as it's so small. I appreciate details like that though.

The blush is made up of four shades in a swirly pattern: A pink, a peach, a plum and a... kind of beige? I swirl them all up with my MAC blusher brush and sweep it on. (Every brush included with a Benefit blusher is rubbish. I store mine up. I haven't done anything with them yet but I'm sure they'll come in handy one day).

It's ever so slightly plummier than Thrrrob. It also doesn't have the same shimmer. However, it is virtually identical. Take a look at this photo. Notice anything strange?

Nope, didn't think you would. In fact, I am wearing both blushers here. The left (my right) cheek is modelling Hervana whilst the other is rocking Thrrrob. See what I mean? Hardly a difference. I'm pretty chuffed about this. (Yes, this is the Prabal Gurung petal pout day. I'm still delighted with how great it looked).

The colour lasts all day. It's really easy to build up. I like to wear a lot of blusher but it starts off really subtle, allowing me to build it up gradually. The consistency is really lovely- matte but not flat. I really like it. I still prefer Thrrrob because of that little shimmer and the slightly pinker colour but I am happy nonetheless!


  1. oooh me likey - I have just bought a MAC one so cant justify another one just yet :-( looks great on you

  2. Aww, Ulta had a Black Friday special last year where you could get Thrrrob and Georgia Peach for $20 (I think). It was odd they did that, because I feel like Thrrrob was already discontinued by then. Oh well, I'm glad you found a substitute! :) My favorite blush at the moment is Tarte's Amazonian Clay in Blissful - by the way - if you ever get bored of Benefit!


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