Wishlist: Motel Stripe Jordan Jeans

I am so torn when it comes to these jeans. I love skinny jeans. I love stripes. I love monochrome. These are screaming Tim Burton at me in a way that would make Beetlejuice turn in his...grave? Does Beetlejuice have a grave? I have to admit, I've never been the biggest fan of that film.

Regardless of whether he has a grave or not, you can't deny Beetlejuice has style. Plus, I adore anything else by Tim Burton. Anything and everything. Anything and everything, that is, except for Edward Scissorhands. We won't go into that though, it's very nearly my bedtime and I'll only give myself nightmares.

No, my problem with these jeans isn't the style. I love them. I covet them. I want them in my wardrobe so I can sit and stroke them all day.

My problem is that Motel seems to forget that in, you know, life, most people are not sample sizes. Therefore they completely forgo anybody above a size 12/ 14 or so. I happen to be around about a 14 although, as mentioned before, my legs are pretty disproportionately chunky. This means I frequently have to buy size 18 skinny jeans.

So is it even worth buying these? I really, really want them. There is a very slim possibility that I may be able to wriggle into them- with some sort of loose top to disguise the resulting muffin tops, of course- but is it worth the heartache if I can't? Because, believe me, I won't return them. I really will just sit in my room and stroke them. They can join my Miu Miu jeans. I could start a collection of unworn, too-small jeans. Guinness Book of Records, here I come!


  1. Just a heads-up about these: someone in uni has them and has to wash them every time she wears them due to the white stripe.. but she has to handwash them because the black stripe is prone to bleeding! Hopefully the practicalities will bring you back down to earth?!

  2. I have the same feelings! I am in love with these (and have the skirt version from motel to prove it) but my leggies are a bit too large to look good in these, I think. Hey ho, might give them a try. Let us know if you do! xx

  3. haha so funny! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture (before starting to read) was: Beetlejuice!! My neighbour always wears this style of suits and my sister an I secretly call him Beetlejuice!!
    I just found your blog on Independent Fashion Bloggers and just love the way you write, I'm following you from now!!


  4. I'm a size 10 and my bum is too big for ALL motel jeans! lol. either they're too small, or I'm too big!? xx

  5. OMG LOVE!! I have the cherry blossom jordan jeans and I love them! they are unbelievably comfortable! You should definitely get them, they are So BeetleJuice and would be so adorable.

  6. i love these pants!


  7. I don't really know anything about that brand but maybe you can find a cheap alternative? That way if you don't like it you wouldn't have spent much in the first place! And a chance to get it in a size of yours!

    I wouldn't risk it unless you have previous experience with this brand! It would be unfortunate for you to buy your dream pants and then not fit the way you like :(

    Good luck!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale


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