Unlikely Style Icon: Bagpuss

Yeah, this is an odd one. What can I say? I like a challenge!

Ok, so the old saggy cloth cat is all about two things: His trademark pink stripes and texture. The texture thing was pretty tricky, I tell you. I tried to settle on one of those faux fur gilets but I just can't look at them without thinking about how ridiculous they are. Whenever I see them on somebody, they look fabulous but somehow I can't bring myself to ever believe they could look good.

So I mainly concentrated on the colour palette of pink and cream. Here we go:

Look at his little face! Isn't he just the cutest little thing ever to yawn out of the 70s?

Striped jeans. £45. Topshop.
Beaded collar blouse. River Island (typically this went out of stock just hours after making this collage).
Blue ring. £4. Boohoo.
Fuschia slipper shoes. £18. Boohoo.

Ok, so what have we got here then? I've gone for the quite obvious striped pink jeans. I figure that it's safe to go this literal when the jeans are so amazing. The pearl collar top, now annoyingly out of stock, adds a little hint of sophistication. I bet Bagpuss dreams of donning a top hat and monocle. I can just see it now! I've added a shock of fuscia with the slippers. Of course, only slippers will do for Bagpuss-inspired footwear. They look so soft and cosy, a little bit lord of the manor. Plus they add that little tactile element with the strokable texture. Finally, I've hinted at our cat's blue eyes with this azure diamante ring.

Add some whiskers, crack out the Marvellous Mechanical Mouse-organ and we are good to go!


  1. Oh I love this combo! I would definitely wear this. I used to LOVE bagpuss!


  2. Bagpuss reminds me of John Prescott! Love the stripy jeans xx

  3. genius!!

  4. Aww I like this post, so funny :D And the pants and blouse are really amazing!
    May I ask what imitations you where buying so far and if you had good experiences with them?

  5. ahh love this!!! especially those loafers!!

  6. how about following each other? :)
    as soon as I find you in my follower list, I'll follow you back!

  7. love the blouse! Amazing color.

    Following u now, visit ours


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