Unlikely Style Icon: Austin Powers

Oh, yes. Austin Powers. The sleazy 60s hipster, all blue velvet and Chelsea boots, is ripe for the picking of fashion inspiration. Let's just leave the dodgy teeth well alone. And the stupid glasses. And the Anne Robinson hair.

Cream blouse. £25. River Island.
Navy velvet skirt.£33. American Apparel.
Black suede Chelsea boots. £55. Asos.

Although it might sound scary to begin with, this look is remarkably simple to modernise. Here I stay true to Austin's tactile preferences with the blue velvet skirt and add a slightly more 70s look with a peasant blouse. I did find a white ruffled shirt at Boohoo but I thought it might be a little too fancy dress. The River Island blouse here adds a more boho touch.

Suede Chelsea boots are a true to form representation but the heel adds some feminine height. Of course, you could add a male symbol pendant- they're widely available on ebay and the like- but I forego that in order to stay out of costume territory.


  1. I like this.. especially the top!

  2. kinda funny but TRUE. Love this outfit and u have amazing imagination =)

  3. Hehe, such fun post! Love the idea! And that skirt is amazing!!

  4. What a nice combination you've made. Really like it too :)
    Peace and Love P.J

  5. Love that velvet skirt!

  6. Austin is the most stylish fictional dude of the 60´s! Another great movie inspiration is Napoleon Dynamite :'D

  7. I have to say this is one of the best unlikely style inspirations I've seen, thank you so much for sharing! I'm definitely getting my paws on this skirt and shirt! LOVE navy and white.

    Gemma x


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