Unlikely Style Icon: Cyndi Lauper

Ok, I'm willing to admit that as far as unlikely style icons go, Cyndi Lauper is pretty mainstream. Still, she has a very distinctive 80s-tastic style that is pretty unlikely where I come from. So she is my pick for this week.

Fun fact: Way back in 1994, my Brownie group was having a party. Every girl was asked what music they wanted to be played. Every girl said Take That. Every girl, that is, except me, who begged for Cyndi Lauper. Needless to say, I was overruled. Sad times.

Red dress. £30. Asos.
Bomber jacket. £48. Topshop.
Bangles. £4. Accessorize.

I kind of love this bomber jacket. I think it would look ridiculous on me which is a shame as I really like it. I never thought I would say that about a bomber jacket, of all things!

So, I'll admit, Cyndi Lauper was a bit of a lazy choice this week. Don't panic though- I have a corker for next week. And when I say a corker, I really mean it!


  1. Love this! Such a fun outfit, and such a fun feature. That red dress is SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. that dress is so amazing! and for £30 too, bargainnn :)

    Sanam x
    My Fashion/Photography blog: DayByDiva

  3. love the dress, sooo pretty! asos is amazing:)

  4. Ohh Wow that red dress from ASOS is A-MAZ-ING!!

  5. Yes the red dress is really cute! And love the fun facts you add :)


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