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Being Reem- Joey Essex
I'm not ashamed to admit that I blooming love Joey Essex! He reminds me so much of my little bro Myles, from the hairstyle to the ridiculous questions, that I can't help but think he's absolutely adorable! Rich bought his autobiography as a Christmas present and it was such a lovely, funny book to read. 

Of course, Joey hasn't actually written the book himself but can I point out how well he acknowledges his ghostwriter: "I don't know why she's called a ghostwriter. She's not actually a ghost, she's a real person! Anyway, she's sat in my flat and drank the cups of coffee I gave her and I don't think ghosts like coffee". Now that is how to thank your ghostwriter! YouTubers take note...

Speaking of ghostwriters, Lucie Cave, the writer of Joey's autobiography, has done a truly remarkable job of maintaining his voice throughout the book. I wonder how much of it is made up of direct quotes from their conversations as his humour, friendliness and downright ridiculousness eeks out of every page. I am happy to confess that I laughed out loud on several occasions and, so you can understand what was so funny, I have taken the step of reproducing two of my favourite extracts:

On Christmas: "I went to church dressed as Rudolph once. I don't know why. Reindeers are funny, aren't they? I used to get them confused with dolphins. I couldn't remember which it was that Father Christmas drove around in the sky".

On his ideal girl: "No tattoos (unless it was of a Furby)"

Throughout the book, whether talking about the loss of his mum to suicide when he was ten, to getting arrested for fighting, his sweet nature is apparent. Yes, I know I just said he got arrested but he really does seem like a very genuine, lovely man. He may not be the most intelligent person in Britain but he certainly seems to have a heart of gold. Including some of his fan's tweets in the back of his book was a nice touch and I'm sure they were all delighted to see their names in there! 
Overall, I found this a hilarious, sweet autobiography. The only problem I had was with the references to other stars of TOWIE that were, understandably, written on the basis of readers knowing the show. Since I watched the first episode and gave up halfway through, I didn't know who half the references were about. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Joey's life. 


  1. Great post! Really love your blog! :)


  2. I think Joey is kind of cute, in the clueless lost puppy kind of sense. After watching him on I'm A Celeb he definitely grew on but there are some moments where I just have to wonder if he's really THAT dimwitted?! I think I'd love to read this! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. I cannot stand Joey Essex and the idea of him 'writing' a book is just a way to make money from people willing to waste their time on it. We make celebrities out of morons these days

  4. Lucie Cave was his ghostwriter?
    I remember doing work experience for her a few years back! What a small world.

    I haven't watched TOWIE in so long. Joey was probably one of my favourites.

  5. "What was Jesus' mother called?"

    Still my favourite ever Joey Essex quote. xx


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