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I'll be honest with you: Skincare is not my forte. As much as I love bath products, I lose patience for things like body moisturisers and handcream. So when Yves Rocher offered the opportunity to review some of their Les Plaisirs skincare products, I saw this as the perfect chance to make a change!

Fizzy Bath Cube
Even through the packaging, I could smell the incredible coconut fragrance. Although I don't like the taste of coconut, I bizarrely think the scent is wonderful! This made me really excited about trying the fizzy bath cube. Unfortunately, when it was dropped into my bath, the fragrance released was unrecognisable. It was extremely musky and earthy, not at all like the coconut I'd been excited to experience. Although the water turned really milky, giving quite a luxurious sensation, I couldn't bear the scent at all. It was a real shame!

Organic Oats Silky Cream

Right now, I'm all about the oats! My skin has been playing up lately and I've found oat products are fantastic for soothing the itch. This body cream comes in a plastic pot but it has the appearance of glass and is really practical for reusing once empty. The scent isn't particularly oaty but has more of a floral perfume. I'm not sure exactly what it is as the ingredients don't seem to be listed on the website, which is frustrating. During application, the cream was absorbed quickly and really did leave my skin silky smooth. There's also enough for about three full-body uses (and I've got a lot of body to cover!)

Long-Lasting Moisturising Hand Cream

Hand creams have never really appealed to me. I've always been a bit worried that I'd end up with greasy hands and unable to touch anything for ages. Luckily, this cream is not at all like that! It has a rich, creamy formula that quickly absorbs- no greasy hands!- and keeps my hands silky smooth. The scent is a buttery floral that is reminiscent of spring. Moisturised hands and nicely scented ones too!

Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel
My feet are often problematic, so I'm always on the look out for new foot care products. Lavender is pretty much my favourite fragrance, so this sounded perfect for me! The gel is very gloopy and doesn't absorb particularly well, but it does have a very pleasant cold tingle. It turns out this is a result of the menthol ingredient, which is very overpowering in the scent and leaves no trace of lavender at all. For me it was a nice refreshing product to use on my tired feet but unfortunately Rich (who had been assigned the job of rubbing it in) had quite a painful reaction to it. From now on, I'll be rubbing my own feet! 

I've found a couple of great Yves Rocher products here, especially the hand cream. I think my skincare revolution is under way! 


  1. Ohh I would love to see how the Organic Oats Silky Cream is on my skin! ^ ^


  2. I quite enjoy skincare and trying new products. Although, I don't really like talking about it on the blog... I've yet to work out how best to talk about it. There's a Yves Rocher shop in town, maybe it's worth having a look at their stuff, need to check if they are cruelty free first as I'm trying to make that transition with all my household and make up stuff.

  3. Poor Rich! I'll rub your feet hehehe.
    I think I tried a mascara from this brand once and it was really good! I didn't even know that they were a huge brand until I got blogging properly.
    Let the skincare revolution continue!

    Dannie x

  4. Hey if you need someone to rub your feet you know I'm here for you. I hear that stuff is also great for your boobs too so if you need me for that then I'll happily oblige! Xx


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